The Best Home Office Accessories for the Workaholic in Your Life

If you’re like us, you’re probably still looking for that perfect present for someone (or, okay, a lot of someones) on your holiday list. There’s always that person who seems to have everything, and it can be a real challenge to find him (or her) a suitable present.

While we can’t help with everyone you need to buy for, we did put together a list of some gift-giving ideas for the at-home workaholics on your list. We scoured the Internet to find the most unique – and essential – home office accessories, sure to make your hardest-working friends and family members smile. Check it out below:

1. Pivot Power Flexible Surge Protector
Although you may have been putting it off, the Pivot Power Flexible Surge Protector ($29.99) has been attending its yoga classes. One of the best-selling products on Quirky, it’s by far the most bendable power strip we’ve come across. While it can’t quite pull off a King Pigeon or Peacock pose, it’s flexible enough to wrap around a desk leg – each outlet can be bent to fit exactly where your recipient needs it, whether it’s to plug in an iPhone charger or a space heater.

Is a bendy power strip not quite enough for your recipient? Add the Cordies Desktop Cable Manager ($4.99) as a complementary stocking stuffer.

2. Nova Blue Polo Desk Chair
Forget sitting in comfort. Sit in style with the Nova Blue Polo Desk Chair ($199). Designed at a peak of American culture in the 1970s, this chair is retro, chic and everything cool. Break out the disco ball and LPs, and your recipient will be all set to dance the day away while they work in this chair. Oh, as for comfort? Reviewers claim that the chair is comfortable and ergonomically sound – even though it was designed well before ergonomics was a trend.

3. Essey Bin Bin Waste Basket
What better place to throw crumpled scrap paper away than into a trash can that looks like crumpled paper itself? That’s why we love the Essey Bin Bin Waste Basket ($55), designed by John Brauer. The modern-looking waste basket is attractive and tongue-in-cheek. It also comes in red and black, but stick with white to make the joke really stick.

If your recipient prefers to use legal pads instead of normal white paper, pair this waste basket with a Witty Crumpled Legal Paperweight ($28.34). Just be sure you don’t mix the paperweight actual crumpled yellow paper before you wrap it up.

4. USB Gloves
Help keep your hardworking giftee’s fingers nimble with a pair of USB Gloves ($11.98). These gloves plug into a laptop’s USB port, and keep users’ hands warm with infrared light. They don’t have fingertips, so you can still type. Whether your recipient keeps his home office at a cool 60 degrees or she just likes to work outside, these hand-warming gloves will be a welcome and unexpected gift. We think these officially qualify as a warm-and-fuzzy high-tech gadget.

5. Mini File Cabinet
What do you do with a filing cabinet that measures only 6.5” tall? No, this isn’t some sort of eco-fiendly movement in the filing industry. The Mini File Cabinet ($12.99) is specifically designed for business cards. Featuring two tiny drawers, this cabinet should provide plenty of space for all of your recipient’s business cards.

And although these files are almost twice the size of the mini cabinet, we couldn’t resist including these Knock Knock File Folders ($11.35 and $15.63) as a gag gift. There are always some documents that are just asking to go under “To File: By Somebody Else.”

With more than 30 million people working from home in the United States, there’s bound to be someone on your list with a home office. We hope a few of these ideas will help you find something the workaholic on your list just has to have.

**Abby Perkins writes about jobs, workplace culture and HR technology at Talent Tribune, a Software Providers blog.

10 Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas to say “Happy Holidays”

With the holidays approaching quickly you probably have been creating a long list of who to get gifts for.  Parents, Grandparents, siblings, friends, coworkers… we know the list goes on and on.

While you’re trying to come up with great gift ideas think about this: Have any of your friends or family members moved into a new home this year or are they currently selling their home to move into a new home?  If so, we have some great ideas for you to really make their holiday season merry and bright.  We have compiled our top 10 housewarming gifts that would be perfect for this holiday season.

What better way to say “Welcome Home” than by giving one of these gifts?

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Looking for more great housewarming ideas?  Check out our Pinterest Page! 

Being Thankful Really Hits Home.

It’s days like today that we’re thankful just to be home.

The leaves we rake, the gutters we clean, the windows we wash, the firewood we collect, the bills we pay and the mortgage we meet – all are reasons to be thankful because it means we have a roof over our head and a place to stay warm at night.

Home is everything to us because it remains a symbol of so much we have to be thankful for.  It’s where we first learn how to walk, how to dream, how to work, how to grow and how to love.  It’s where we gather as family and where we celebrate as friends.

As millions of Americans spend this holiday finding new reasons to say thanks and new places to be thankful, we’re thankful for all that we have.  Which, for us, starts at home.

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Thanksgiving Treat Ideas!

It’s that time of the year! The time where we sit down with friends and family to give thanks and fill our stomachs with delicious meals and sweet treats.

This year we went on a hunt for some fun Thanksgiving treats for you to impress friends and family members with! Or if you’re really in the giving mood, make some of these great treats to bring to a homeless shelter, women’s shelter or nursing homes.

We are certain they will put a smile on someone’s face.

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4 Bathroom Renovations That Add Space

There are plenty of ways to make your home’s interior look and feel bigger. Rearranging your furniture, using large mirrors, and getting creative with storage are all ways to create (or at least give the illusion of) more space. This is a bigger challenge, however, when it comes to the smallest room in your house: the bathroom.

If you share a bathroom with other people, you’re probably very familiar with the frustrations that come with a cramped space. Your bathroom has to not only serve all of its obvious functions, but it also has to store everyone’s toiletries, medicines and linens with easy access.

Most of the time, creating more functional space in a bathroom means remodeling. If knocking down a wall is not an option, the next logical step is to replace those space-hogging fixtures like sinks, tubs and toilets, with newer models that are either physically smaller, appear smaller, or provide more space for usability. Here are some great options that are available now.

Curved Front Bathtubs
It used to be that in order to have a larger bathing space, you’d have to have to install a monstrous bathtub, but not anymore. American Standard’s Ovation Bathtub is an extremely durable, solid acrylic tub that is compact enough to install into a standard 5 ft. x 30 in. bath alcove, but has a curved front apron that gives you extra bathing room. Along with providing extra comfort and elbow room, the Ovation tub also pairs perfectly with curved shower doors and matching wall surrounds for extensive storage.

Ovation tub in bathroom

Diminutive Sinks
One huge space-saving bathroom renovation you can do is replacing your hulking cabinet-and-sink combination with a diminutive sink. These smaller options, which include wall-hung, corner and pedestal sinks, save a ton of space and are visually appealing as well. It may seem like a given, but if you choose one of these diminutive sinks, pay very close attention to the faucet. Make sure that you can actually fit your hands under it to wash them!

One-Piece & Rounded-Front Toilets

Replacing your toilet is another smart way to give your bathroom more space. The main aspects to focus on when planning for a new toilet are the rough-in measurement, seat shape and tank design. The rough-in is the distance between the wall and the center of the toilet drain. In older homes, rough-ins are generally 10 or 14 in., while in newer homes they are 12 in. If you have a 10 in. rough-in, opt for a smaller fixture with a rounded seat because it will take up less space. In terms of tank design, one-piece toilets have lower tanks, which make them appear smaller, but they actually take up the same amount of space as two-piece toilets.

The final space-saving bathroom change is not a fixture replacement, but rather a smart addition. If you swap your cabinet and sink out for a diminutive sink, you lose a ton of storage space. The solution here is a bathroom étagère, which is a piece of furniture with small cabinets and shelves that goes over and around your toilet. These are perfect for storing toilet paper, towels and wash cloths, beauty products, and anything else you need easy access to.

What changes will you make to add space to your bathroom?  Check out these beautiful bathrooms for some inspiration!


***Sarah Kellner writes about DIY home projects, including bathroom renovations, for The Home Depot. Sarah provides tips to homeowners on saving space and creating storage. A selection of bathroom space savers available at The Home Depot can be found on the company’s website.


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