M/I Homes Sales Consultant Feature: Sheila Brunette

One of our very best assets at M/I Homes Indianapolis is the team we have working with us. Our employees are our best advocates in the field and in the communities in which we sell. This week we’d like to introduce you to Sheila Brunette, a new home sales consultant for our Hickory Stick community. Sheila is one of our top sales consultants and someone who always goes the extra mile to make sure clients are taken care of. Here’s more from Sheila on her experiences so far working with M/I Homes Indianapolis.

1.     How long have you worked with M/I Homes Indianapolis?

3 and ½ years

 2.     What’s your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is meeting NEW people EVERY DAY, making new friends, learning so many different things about all my clients and their cultures. I love listening to my clients and hearing their stories and all about them! I truly find people to be fascinating!

 3.     What’s been your favorite memory working with an M/I Home client?

 I’ve had so many great memories, but my favorite has to be when two of my clients won a free car from M/I Homes. Jo-Anne and Jim Coleman won the new Prius! When Jim signed up he said, “I really hope my beautiful wife wins this because she has always wanted a Prius ever since they first came out!” Believe it or not, two months after moving into their new M/I Home, they won the car! When our Vice President of Sales, Kyle Gillette, called to give him the good news, Jim was SO shocked! We actually recorded the call, which is a treat to listen to. Jim told me that besides being able to buy his wife a new M/I Home in cash, winning this car was one of the greatest things to happen to him. Sadly, one month later Jim passed away. I cry just thinking about what a good man he was and how amazing it was that he could leave his wife with a fully-paid house and vehicle. He had wanted to leave his wife in a well built home and with the car of her dreams. And that he did!!

 4.     In your opinion, what’s the best thing about M/I Homes?

 The best thing about M/I Homes is definitely the Indianapolis team- sales in particular. We all really care about one another and helping all of our customers! It is wonderful having such a trusting and caring team! Also (and this is very important to me), seeing how involved our President and corporate office is in our everyday needs is so refreshing. I appreciate the time that corporate has spent coming to our office to just say a few words and get feedback from the sales team. It makes everyone feel appreciated and keeps the spirits up! 

 5.     What feedback have you received from clients who have built with M/I?

 We get a lot of positive feedback from clients saying they enjoy working with our team, from sales to our construction supervisor. The positive feedback on our personal performance is very meaningful to me. It really stems from the fact that M/I doesn’t just sell someone a home then never speak to them again- we focus on long-term customer care.

 On the houses specifically, clients love the brick wrap option, the hardy plank and the way we build our homes with quality in mind.

 6.     Is there anything else you’d like to add?


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