Decorating Your M/I Home for the Fall Season!

It’s now officially fall and Halloween is right around the corner; there’s no better time than now to begin decorating your M/I Home for fall! Here at M/I Homes, we know that autumn is the perfect time to show off your personality (and your home) with some great decorations. There are thousands of different ways to decorate your house during this spooky season, but here are a few ideas that M/I Homes thinks will give your home that extra flair you’ve been searching for.

1. Pumpkin Centerpieces: M/I Homes Halloween IdeasIt’s the iconic symbol of fall – the pumpkin! Surprise your guests with this innovative centerpiece by painting pumpkins to match your dining room perfectly. Wrapping them in other fall pieces (like twigs) adds even more interest. Whether you’re entertaining for dozens or simply feeding yourself, this centerpiece will set the fall mood.

2. Ghostly Accessories: M/I Homes Fall IdeasOn the scariest night of the year, what do you think the best decoration is?

Ghosts are always a great choice to put a little extra fright into your night. These little fellas are actually pretty tame and won’t scare the kiddos.

3. Smells like Fall: M/I Homes Halloween Ideas We would argue that there are few things better about fall than the fragrances! Pumpkin, cinnamon, smores and more! Want the scent of fall permeating through your home? Tie cinnamon sticks around your candle and whenever you light the candle, the aroma of fresh cinnamon fills the air (this can work for other items as well)

4. Cooky Candy Corn: M/I Homes Halloween IdeasWho says this tasty fall treat is for consumption only? With this candy corn centerpiece, you can taste, smell, feel, see and hear (people talking about) this traditional autumn snack. Have some fun with this DIY project and make it your own! A little paint, ribbon, bottles and creativity is all you need!

5. Spider Spectacle:  M/I Homes Halloween IdeasIt’s that time of the year to take your friends’ fears and turn them into decorations.

Spend some time with this DIY spider web and you’re certain to have your friends spinning around trying to find that scary spider! Make sure to take this down before Thanksgiving though!

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