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Soon after high school, at the age of 19, I received my real estate license. For the past 23 years (I guess I’m dating myself a bit, oops), I’ve been proud to work in the real estate industry, helping hundreds of families find their dream homes.

Not all realtors suggest the option of building to their clients, but I’m a big believer in the fact that some families are better off getting exactly what they want in a home than settling into a house that needs drastic changes or doesn’t meet all their needs. For this reason, I constantly tout the benefits of building with M/I Homes! Not only does building a home allow you to choose the finishes of a home, but it also is a way to help the environment and save some money! Homeowners will experience substantial savings by building as opposed to buying an existing home. M/I Homes’ Whole Home philosophy is top notch, ensuring homes are energy efficient and made with quality materials. Depending on the age and details of an existing home, new build homeowners can end up saving thousands of dollars each year; it’s remarkable!

Whenever I have a buyer who chooses to builds with M/I Homes, they’re always beyond pleased at the end result. My favorite part of my job is working to grow a list of families that aren’t just M/I homeowners, but raving M/I Homes fans! There are certainly plenty of names on my list alone and I’m sure other realtors who work with M/I would say the same.

My favorite moment with an M/I Homes fan happened a while back, when I walked through a couple’s new home with them. The two literally teared up saying, “We never thought we’d be able to own a home this gorgeous!” It’s that satisfaction and sense of “bang for your buck” that keeps families coming back and deciding to build with M/I.

In my experience, clients are not only impressed by the grandeur, impeccable design and functionality of M/I Homes, they’re also drawn to the company as a whole. The people of M/I are no doubt the company’s largest asset. From the empathy of the salespeople to the responsiveness of the consultants and field coordinators, M/I Homes employees are unparalleled in their leadership and management skills. It’s comforting to families looking to make such a major financial decision to know they have trustworthy people handling their money and building their home.

From my standpoint as a realtor, my job is to always find the home that is best for my clients. I would not keep introducing them to M/I Homes time and time again if I weren’t 100 percent confident in the value and quality of the homes they produce. I’m proud to have a great relationship with M/I Homes and a long list of clients who are very happy I took them to see the models!

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