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In the spirit of the elections, this weeks’ product round-up is centered around the patriotic colors of red, white and blue.

We understand that decorating a room in all three colors outside of the month of July may sound a little quirky or be daunting to pull off. But there are many ways to subtly incorporate your national pride and these rich colors into your home. One way is to dull down the color blue used, so that it appears to be more of a gray. Another is to incorporate a great deal of wooden and natural earthy elements to break apart the strong colors. Decorating with red, white and blue definitely doesn’t need to mean having your home look like the American flag. We suggest breaking them apart into three different rooms. Why not create a red kitchen, white bedroom and blue bathroom?

View the slideshow above for ways to add a patriotic flare to your home.

source: homesessive

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