M/I Homes Gives Back: Hometown Heroes

Here at M/I Homes, we appreciate those special members of the Indianapolis community that make the lives of our neighbors better every day. As a way to show our genuine thanks, we are currently offering a promotion for firefighters, medical personnel, military, police and teachers. These Hometown Heroes are vital to M/I Homes’ neighborhoods and ensure the safety and well-being of the community.

Members of the military are protectors in our communities and abroad, while police officers and firefighters fearlessly make sure everyone is safe on the home front. Medical personnel, like nurses and doctors take care of everyone in the community, even when not on duty. We can’t thank teachers enough as they help shape our future generation of leaders. We don’t know what we would do without the support and assistance from all of our Hometown Heroes!

M/I Homes Indianapolis would like to thank these outstanding professionals by offering 2-thousand dollars off of the base price of a new M/I Home! Thank you to those that make a difference in our communities every day!

Visit our site to learn more about our Hometown Heroes discount.

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