Get To Know The “I” in M/I

Here at M/I Homes Indianapolis, we are incredibly proud of who we are and where we came from. A big part of our history has to do with a man who co-founded M/I Homes. Irving Schottenstein began his career at the age of 13, selling furniture at his parents’ store. Years later, in 1976, he co-founded M/I Homes with his cousin Melvin. Together, they were the ‘M’ and the ‘I’ of M/I Homes. Within years, M/I became a leading homebuilder in Ohio. Soon after the company expanded and here we are today, with dozens of locations throughout the U.S.!
In late October of this year, Irving was inducted into the Building Industry Award’s Hall of Fame. Individuals in the Hall of Fame are deemed to have shown outstanding lifetime achievement in the residential building industry.
Sadly, Irving was not around to see himself inducted into the Hall of Fame, but his memory and influence certainly lives on here at M/I Homes! His contributions to the company’s growth, success and spirit are without equal. Irving served as the Chairman of the Board of M/I from its founding in 1976 until his death. He also served as the Chief Executive Officer until January of 2004.

Years ago, an M/I employee asked Irving what he wanted his legacy to be. He quickly responded with this, “don’t forget to treat my customers right.” It is this philosophy that has shaped M/I Homes as a company. We will always put our customers first and strive to make everyone’s experience with our company top rate. For that, we thank Irving Schottenstein, the ‘I’ of M/I Homes.

About M/I Homes

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