Welcome Jerrod Klein to the M/I Homes Indy Team!

Normally when we welcome someoneJerrod to the M/I Homes Indianapolis team, it is for the first time. This situation, however, is unique. We are so excited to welcome back Jerrod Klein! Jerrod is our new Vice President of Sales and Marketing!

This is the same position Jerrod held within the company from 2000 – 2009. M/I Homes Indianapolis is so pleased to have his skill and experience working for our homebuyers again. With more than 23 years of new home construction, sales and marketing experience, Jerrod is goal-oriented and a strong leader- a perfect fit for our sales and marketing team!

Jerrod tells us his favorite memory from his first time with the company was when he worked with M/I Co-Founder Irving Schottenstein in the early 2000’s. Jerrod says he embraced Irving’s contagious passion for quality, customer service and treating customers the right way. Sadly, Irving passed away in 2004, but his ideals are still the foundation of M/I Homes today.

We certainly look forward to sharing many more memories with Jerrod! Welcome back!


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