Storing Food Properly to Prevent Bugs in the Kitchen

Use Resealable Containersleftovers-ck-0505-article-l

Storing food properly is important for your leftovers and for the food you buy in bulk prior to the party.  Tiny kitchen bugs can get into almost any packaging that is not sealed or air-tight.  Prevent pests from getting into your foods by placing open items in a resealable container.  Try using clear containers.  It makes it easy to identify the food inside!

Store Foods In The Refrigerator

Place pantry staples like flour, powdered sugar and cornmeal in the refrigerator in airtight containers to keep bugs out.  You can also store coffee and nuts in the freezer.

Storage and Serving

Pests are always on the lookout for a quick meal!  Do not leave foods sitting out in various locations throughout your home during a party or dinner.  Keep foods limited to a specific area, like the kitchen or dining room. This will help prevent crumbs from being scattered and deter a party for pests.  A great suggestion is to serve your food in decorative storage containers. This will limit spillage of foods from other containers and, as an added bonus, reduce your cleanup time.

Source: HomeTeam Pest Defense

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