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In the world of home buyer preferences, there is one question that pops up more often than any other:  how much space are home buyers looking for?  NAHB’s study What Home Buyers Really Want answers this important question, based on responses from more than 3,600 home buyers, sampled to represent all home buyers in the country[1].

Among all home buyers combined as one group, the median home size desired is 2,226 square feet.  However, a closer look at the data broken down by various buyer characteristics shows there are significant differences in how big a home different types of buyers really want.

Age, for example, plays an important role, with the amount of space desired dropping steadily as the age of the buyer increases.  Among those younger than 35, the size desired is 2,494 square feet, compared to 2,065 square feet among those 65 or older (Figure 1).

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