The Importance of Treating Customers Right [INDY]

All throughout Indianapolis, M/I Homes has been able to provide countless families and individuals with stress-free and exciting home-buying experiences. How? It’s simple; we truly care about our customers. And we know the people who make the biggest impact on the lives of others don’t necessarily always have their names in the headlines, they’re just simply the ones who care about you the most. To prove our theory, we are putting you to the test.

So, let us ask this: Do you know who these people are?

Now, do you remember these people?

  • The teacher who provided the most memorable experiences
  • That one friend who have helped you through a difficult time
  • The person who taught you something worthwhile
  • Your personal hero who inspired you

Which ones were easier to remember? Probably the names of your best friends, heroes and past teachers, right?

This is how M/I Homes Indianapolis wants to be remembered even long after your home buying experience is completed. We aren’t professional athletes or scientists, but we are a company that strongly believes in delivering outstanding customer service for our homebuyers. From choosing the ideal community for you, to selecting the perfect home plan, we’ll be there every step of the way. And with every new memory you experience in your dream house, we hope you look back on the care and support you received from M/I Homes fondly.

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  1. Great video about the beginning of M/I Homes and the Schottenstein’s

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