Happy Filter, Happy Home!

Almost there… 28 days until Spring!

If you’re like us, you’re daydreaming about warmer weather, grilling out on the porch and enjoying your yard that hasn’t seen you in months. We would venture to guess, however, that you’re not thinking about preparing your home for Spring with a new air filter.

Air Circulates 100x a Day

Did you know that the air in your home filters through your furnace 100 times a day? Go take a look at your furnace filter. Do you have a standard one-inch filter in there? (It’s probably pretty dirty unless you have just replaced it). Most homes typically have a one-inch filter, but have you ever thought about the impact that having a thicker air filter would make?

Think of it this way – when your filter is only 1 inch thick, the amount of particles that are in the air only have an inch of filtering to pass through and more than likely are recirculating back into your air. (Cough!) When your filter is thicker, like this 4 inch MERV filter, you have now quadrupled the amount of filtering that is taking place in your home! This helps to capture more of those nasty particles that continue to circulate throughout your home.

Who wants yesterday’s dust (or worse, months of dust) floating around? We bet that after watching this quick video about your furnace filters you will feel empowered for your filter to collect all of those pesky pollens and allergens that come with the Spring season!

*Furnace Filter Size and Rating Varies by Division

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