Our Top 5 Tips for Home Office Organization!

With all of the technology of today, working from home is becoming more and more popular. We’re able to be connected to everyone around the world with email, texting, gotomeeting.com, etc. that it’s easy to work from anywhere!

With that said, those who work from home take on the challenge of creating their own home office. Some of us may put hours into determining the best way for our home office to be organized and decorated, but for others it may not be something that we put much thought into.  You wouldn’t want your boss making a surprise appearance to find you working on the kitchen table with left over food, kids homework and all of your personal mail all over your work station, would you?

To help those who may need some friendly home office organization advice we have put together our top 5 tips to help get the process started!

  1. Dual Purpose Office?  A lot of people have a home office that is being used for a dual purpose. The most common is a guest room and an office. You may need to have that extra bed for those out of town visitors, but is it taking up too much space? Something to consider is purchasing a murphy bed. This allows you to still have a space for your guests but allows you to pack it up the minute they leave, leaving you with additional space in your office to move around.  Or consider a day bed, looking more like a couch during the workweek!VIRG_EG_Claremont_BEDROOM_2
  1. What makes you smile everyday? Is it a specific picture, your pets sleeping at your feet or hearing your favorite music in the background? Make sure to highlight that specific thing that makes you happy everyday. Post photos of your pets (or even get them a nice bed for right next to your desk), frame your favorite pictures to hang above your desk or make sure that you always have a way of listening to your favorite songs throughout the day. A happy person is a more productive person.Cinci_RegencyPark_Jasmine Model_study
  1. Too many office supplies? A lot of us will stock up on office supplies during back to school time where items are extremely inexpensive. However we don’t think of all of the space that those items take up. If you have a closet in your office make sure to add shelves, cubbies, boxes and labels to help get these items out of the way, but still organized. Don’t have a closet? Is there a space in the garage, attic or basement that you can store bulk items until you need them again? If you don’t own a label maker, it might be time to purchase one!
  1. Get Motivated!  Do your office walls scream “motivation” or do they scream “boredom”? A dreary atmosphere will definitely not motivate you to do your best. Splurge on some new paint, window treatments or lighting to make this space a motivating space for optimal productivity.CHIC_BRC_COMM_Den
  1. Declutter! It’s amazing how much paperwork we tend to hold on to that we realize really isn’t necessary. How much stuff do you have in your office? Here are some suggestions for helping to “purge” these items:
      1. If you can access this information online – Throw it out (or shred if needed)
      2. If you can store it at your main office – Send it to them!
      3. If you can scan this information and file it on your computer – Do it!
      4. If it’s really old, personal information that you don’t need – Shred It!

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