Smart Door Lock: A State-of-the-Art Security Feature for Your New Home

M/I Homes is proud to offer different Smart Door lock capabilities. One of our options is the Schlage Keypad Lock enabled by Nexia Home Intelligence. These locks allow you to control the locks directly from your phone. You can see what time the door is locked and unlocked using specific use codes. Need a neighbor to go let the dogs out? You can even give them their own specific code! This gives you the peace of mind to know exactly when family members are entering and exiting your home!

Aren’t familiar with Smart Locks? Check out the information written by Lillian Connors below to learn more about what to keep in mind when looking for Smart Door Locks.

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Smart Door Lock: A State-of-the-Art Security Feature for Your New Home

It has been years since we have been given a card instead of a traditional key in a city hotel. I still remember the moment of awkwardness when we could not make the elevator go to our floor even though we pushed each and every button, until someone noticed a card slot next to the floor digits. We quickly took on and easily opened the room door, but it took some time to figure out how to turn the lights on. Our laughter is something we remember even more, and the how we felt as a part of a Sci-Fi movie.

Nowadays, this is nothing unusual, innovations occur on a daily basis, we have a wide choice of electronic and smart door locks available and the market is ever growing. If this topic is still somewhat unfamiliar to you, you are at the right place. We prepared the essential information about smart door locks, to help you start your research and choose the right security feature for your new home.

Digital Technology

This is something you have to be familiar with if you wish to keep in touch with the latest developments happening around you. Naturally, the same applies to smart door locks. Knowing how to operate them and how to keep your privacy is a necessary precondition for fully functional use and safety. There are also locks that can be remotely controlled, as well as those that support WIFI network. Before getting a smart door lock, make sure you look into the digital technology that you need to support this system.

Operating Systems

Being digital, smart door locks work under operating systems, which, unfortunately do not have to be compatible and usually are quite the opposite. Therefore, if you wish to use your mobile or smart phone as a controller for the lock, make sure they use the same operating system, Android, Windows or Symbian, for example. The last thing you want is an installed lock you cannot use.


Basically, there are two types of installation. Usually, smart door locks are installed separately from the traditional locks; still, there are some that can be mounted on the existing door locks. Both are perfectly functional and the choice lays only in your preferences. Additionally, some of them even have digital display, allowing you to customize the welcoming note or even take pictures of your visitors.


Smart door locks are battery powered, which can sometimes be a downside, so you’ll want to make sure to pick a system that is easily charged or has additional external batteries.  You’d hate to have a situation where you had been away on business for a week; you have just arrived back home and find yourself outside your front door, unable to enter since the batteries on your Smart Lock had died out.  Not all of the systems are easy to deal with in such situations, and are not rare at all, claim the people who run a trusted 24hr locksmith service, so ensuring that you have a back up plan for the batteries dying will have you prepared for this type of situation.


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