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Too often floor tiling is used as a purely functional covering for floors and walls. Rarely is tiling used to add visual interest with fun and complex patterns, configurations, colors, and combinations. Whether you’re looking to spice up a current space or want to create a brand new bathroom, using tile and matching accessories can take your home’s style from 0 to 60 in no time at all. Here are some of our favorite ways to display tile in a bathroom space.

Use Tile as a Boundary

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One of our favorite creative uses for bathroom tiling is as an underfoot partition. Separate a standalone shower from the rest of the bathroom using a pebble tile to outline the entrance of the space and add texture. Take it further and delineate each particular section of the bathroom, like the bathtub and vanity area. Not only does using tile as a boundary help frame each space in the bathroom, it also adds dimension, breaking up the larger space while also unifying it with repeated materials and designs.

Use Tile as a BorderImage 2As a simpler approach, instead of framing each element in the bathroom, use tile to frame the entire perimeter. In smaller spaces, a border can help draw the eye toward a certain object or furnishing, like a beautiful claw-foot tub or dramatic vanity. In a bathroom with more square footage, borders can follow the walls, jump into showers or toilet rooms, and skip around the front of vanities.

Use Tile as a “Rug”

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We often see tile being used in backsplashes and configurations in showers as a focal point with fun patterns like herringbones and check prints. The same framework can be done for tiling on the floor, too. Arrange tiles on the floor in the center of the bathroom to create a design that mimics the look of a rug. Position mosaic floor tiles as a border and fill the space with more field tile. To kick things up a notch, fill the inside of the mosaic border with a secondary tile pattern, adding even more interest and texture.

Use Tile as a Focal Point

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Using tile as a focal point adds an extra element to any bathroom without having to alter the space. Use a combination of tiles, a fun pattern or interesting color scheme to create a focal point in the center of the bathroom and anchor the space. Some of our favorite patterns include anything geometric, like diamonds and squares, as well as combinations that mimic organic elements, like flowers, stars or scenery. Our favorite part about using tile as a focal point is that most designs come on a 12×12 mesh, so they are super affordable and easy to install—a win-win!

Have you tried using tile in an interesting and unique way in your bathroom?

Interior designer Kerrie Kelly is the founder of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab in Sacramento, California. Kerrie writes about her knowledge of floor tiling designs, materials and styles, for The Home Depot. To research a large selection of floor tiles for your own home, you can go online at Home Depot.

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