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  1. Alan Rossi

    We purchased a new home in the Woods of Powell South subdivision in 2005. We love the home. My only complaint is the wood trim around the outside windows. It is a fiber board material and after 4-5 years it begins to deteriorate (rot, soften,etc). All the homes in this subdivision are experiencing the same problem and MI has not offered to do anything to make it right. Trim boards should last longer than 4-5 years if the proper materials are used. The newer Woods of Powell North subdivision uses the same materials and will end up with the same problem in 4-5 years. I mentioned this issue to your sales rep at the WOP North show home, but I doubt he relayed the problem. I have been slowly replacing window trim myself with Plychem concrete boards, however, I have a number of windows remaining. It will be interesting to see if I receive any feedback from MI on this post.

  2. Alan Rossi

    Employee from MI Homes came to our home today to have a look at the window trim. Very nice guy who said I did a great job replacing the window trim but really couldn’t do anything for me on any of the remaining windows. Said that MI would not do anything for homes older than 10 years although we purchased our home in 2005 (9 years). And besides that, I have been slowly replacing my own trim over the last 2-3 years since the rot was so bad. He did volunteer to replace 2-3 boards (not window trim) that were not properly nailed in the first place, but that would be next year since they had a huge backlog.
    So, am I satisfied? NO. He did mention that the last guy (the one who I talked to 3 years ago about the problem) was no longer with MI and he just shook his head. So, the entire Woods of Powell South neighborhood has window trim that needs to be replaced and the problem began 3-4 years ago…well within MI”s 10 year window. I would guess that Woods of Powell North will have similar problems in 5-6 years if MI did not change the specs on their window trim.
    So, there you have it everyone…no help on this issue from MI. Just Beware.
    Al Rossi

  3. Dawn S

    Where do you post about auctions on model home furnishings once a subdivision is about to close out? We missed one auction in our neighborhood but, would love to catch another auction in the Charlotte market as the homes as so well staged

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