M/I Homes is Going Red for Women


We are so excited to make this announcement! M/I Homes is Going Red for Women! This is a national movement by the American Heart Association and we are so happy to be a part of it! The movement works to uncover the truth about women and heart disease and share that information with the women of America. It’s about changing the women live so they can reduce their risk of heart disease and live a better life.

We’d like to share a few stats about the success of this campaign so far. Women who have been made aware of Go Red have been moved to dramatic results:

  • More than 33 percent have lost weight
  • Nearly 50 percent have increased their exercise
  • 60 percent have changed their diets
  • More than 40 percent have checked their cholesterol levels
  • 33 percent have talked with their doctors about developing healthy heart plans

M/I Homes Chairman and CEO, Bob Schottenstein, was moved to act after seeing stats on the number of women affected by heart disease each year. “Heart disease is the number one killer of women over the age of 20 and currently 8 million women in the U.S. are living with heart disease. That said, only one in six women say they believe that heart disease is their greatest health risk. We had to do something to help change that figure.”

So we are getting involved in the effort to raise awareness! M/I Homes will be donating $100 to the American Heart Association for every home sold nationally during February, March and April of this year!

We are also asking our homeowners to participate in the “A Picture and a Promise” campaign. Homeowners are asked to sign a heart healthy pledge and take pictures of themselves holding it in the yards of their M/I Homes, then post that picture on their Facebook page to raise awareness among friends.

We’ll also sweeten the deal for our new homebuyers! Any new buyer who donates $25 to the Go Red for Women program will get a $500 bonus options allowance from M/I Homes!

We hope you’ll join us in raising awareness and fighting heart disease in women!

America’s Fastest Growing Cities

In Forbes’ report of America’s fastest growing cities, we’re happy to report that we build in 4 of the top 10! – RALEIGH, HOUSTON, SAN ANTONIO, and soon to be in AUSTIN!

Here’s America’s 10 fastest growing cities:

10. Portland, OR

M.S.A.: Portland-VancouverHillsboro, OR-WA
2012 Population growth rate: 1.8%
2013 Population growth rate: 1.8%
Job growth rate: 1.7%
Unemployment: 7.4%
Gross Metro Product: 4.1%
Median salary: $60,200

9. San Antonio, TX

(San Antonio, TX – Photo: Thinkstock)M.S.A.: San Antonio-New Braunfels, TX
2012 Population growth rate: 2.1%
2013 Population growth rate: 2%
Job growth rate: 2%
Unemployment: 5.6%
Gross Metro Product: 4.1%
Median salary: $56,900

8. Phoenix, AZ

M.S.A.: Phoenix-MesaGlendale, AZ
2012 Population growth rate: 1%
2013 Population growth rate: 2.7%
Job growth rate: 2.5%
Unemployment: 6.5%
Gross Metro Product: 4.1%
Median salary: $62,600

7. Provo, UT

(Provo Temple – Photo: Thinkstock)M.S.A.: Provo-Orem, UT
2012 Population growth rate: 2.5%
2013 Population growth rate: 2.6%
Job growth rate: 2.4%
Unemployment: 4.6%
Gross Metro Product: 4%
Median salary: $54,300

6. Seattle, WA

M.S.A.: Seattle-TacomaBellevue, WA
2012 Population growth rate: 1.3%
2013 Population growth rate: 1.2%
Job growth rate: 2.6%
Unemployment: 6.8%
Gross Metro Product: 5.5%
Median salary: $69,900

5. Salt Lake City, UT

M.S.A.: Salt Lake City, UT
2012 Population growth rate: 1.5%
2013 Population growth rate: 1.5%
Job growth rate: 2.8%
Unemployment: 4.8%
Gross Metro Product: 5.3%
Median salary: $60,000

4. Raleigh, NC

M.S.A.: Raleigh-Cary, NC
2012 Population growth rate: 3.3%
2013 Population growth rate: 3.4%
Job growth rate: 2.3%
Unemployment: 7.2%
Gross Metro Product: 4.7%
Median salary: $63,600

3. Dallas, TX

M.S.A.: Dallas-Fort WorthArlington, TX
2012 Population growth rate: 2.1%
2013 Population growth rate: 2.1%
Job growth rate: 2.1%
Gross Metro Product: 5.9%
Median salary: $65,100

2. Houston, TX

M.S.A.: Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown, TX
2012 Population growth rate: 2%
2013 Population growth rate: 2%
Job growth rate: 3.4%
Unemployment: 5.8%
Gross Metro Product: 6.8%
Median salary: $70,900

1. Austin, TX

M.S.A.: Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos, TX
2012 Population growth rate: 2.8%
2013 Population growth rate: 2.7%
Job growth rate: 3.1%
Unemployment: 4.9%Gross Metro Product: 6.3%
Median salary: $63,200

Source: Morgan Brennan, Forbes Staff


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