How to Pick a Table and Chairs for Holiday Hosting

How to Pick a Table and Chairs for Holiday Hosting

The holidays are coming. Are you ready for the throngs of people you’re expecting for a season’s worth of dinner parties? If not, it might be time for a new dining table and chairs. But don’t go buying the first thing you see.

There are pros and cons to each table shape. And then there are all those extra chairs you need to factor in. It’s enough to make your head spin!

How to choose a dining table

How to Pick a Table and Chairs for Holiday Hosting: Dining Table

Round tables are arguably the most space efficient in terms of creating a comfortable exchange between diners. In the case of both the round and oval table, no one need sit at a corner when the table is crowded beyond its ideal capacity. However, round and oval tables may be off-putting for those who prefer to match the clean lines found in the rest of the dining area.

Square and rectangular tables use the shape of a room to their advantage. Their 90-degree angles provide clear, unencumbered walkways around the perimeter. The downside is that the longer a table (rectangular or oval) is, the more difficult it is for those sitting on the farthest ends to hear one another. Plus, when a square or rectangular table is overstuffed with guests, someone’s bound to get stuck straddling a corner.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find that one shape accommodates both your functional needs and aesthetic wants. For 10 to 12 people, an oval or rectangular table is best.

How to choose a dining chair

How to Pick a Table and Chairs for Holiday Hosting: Chairs

Once you determine the table you want, you’ll need chairs to seat your guests. “Most people buy dining chairs for looks without giving enough attention to comfort,” says Triggs. “Make sure you’re purchasing comfortable chairs that guests will enjoy sitting in for long periods of time.”

Chairs with arms are lovely and can be very comfortable, but they’re space hogs when it comes to a large crowd. Should you wish to have such chairs for big parties, Triggs suggests limiting them to the heads of a rectangular or oval table. Armless chairs, on the other hand, will allow you to squeeze more of them around a table of any shape.

But just how many chairs does one household need for that handful of large-scale dinner affairs annually? First buy the amount of chairs that will naturally fit around your dining table at its everyday size (likely its smallest size). If you can afford the space and the cost, Triggs suggests storing additional full-size chairs on either side of the buffet, next to an entry console and maybe in a guest room if necessary.


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INDY: Stunning Centerpieces – 5 Ideas for your Dining Room Table

As a new homeowner in Indianapolis, you get to enjoy both the fun and challenge of piecing together your home décor. Whether you prefer something simple or a little more elegant, centerpieces are definitely one way to put that extra detail and finishing touch to your M/I Home dining room. So, here are five of our favorite ideas you should consider.

1.  Nearly Natural Mixed Silk Peony Flower Arrangement/Centerpiece

Want something timeless and low-maintenance? How about no maintenance! This vibrant, lovely peony flower arrangement from Bed, Bath & Beyond is the perfect daytime décor. With a mix of buds and vibrant foliage, you’ll love the way this authentic–looking floral arrangement looks atop your table. Available online for $49.99.


2.  DIY Paper Pom Poms

Add a little dash of color to your dining table with these easy-to-make blooms. This DIY centerpiece puts a touch of pizzazz to your room and also makes for a fun, little craft for youngsters. All you need is some tissue paper and one of these vases from Target. Check out further instructions on the project.


3.  Imperial Champagne Orb Bowl

If you’re looking to go beyond a floral arrangement, this luxurious champagne bowl might be for you. This imperial piece features sturdy pedestal base with beautiful crackled glass bowl making it your go-to arrangement for your next dinner party or elegant get-together. Available online from Kirkland’s for $29.99.


4.  Fruit/Veggie DIY Arrangement

If you’re buying fruits and vegetables at the grocery anyway, why not use them as your centerpiece? If you’re entertaining house guests and your table is packed with food, this might be a more practical alternative. Create this look with just a cluster of vivid lemons in this large white bowl from Pottery Barn ($39.99) or mix it up with some bright-colored produce. No matter the occasion, this piece always looks tasteful.


5.  Pure Color Ceramic Vases

We love the simplicity and chestnut color of this ceramic piece from West Elm. Place this vase right in the middle of your table for a classic look, or cluster it together with smaller vases to create a more dramatic centerpiece. Finish it off with some metallic leaves ($19.00) completing your table’s ensemble. Order the vase online for $39.00.



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