A Day to Be Thankful: A House Becomes a Home

It starts when we’re “house hunting.” Or we’re “buying a new house.” But everything changes the minute we move in. It’s no longer a collection of lumber and shingles, plumbing and wire; floors and finishes. Once we move in, we give the house a soul. It becomes “home.” That’s why we “hunt for a house,” but always “head for home.”

All of the emotions and memories that bind families together radiate from the cornerstone of our lives: from our homes.

So, when all of the 90,000 families who live in M/I Homes gather to count their blessings, we count each one of them as a blessing of our own. We are eternally grateful that our calling is to create such a profound part of people’s lives.

From our family to yours, we wish you a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving from M/I Homes

Happy Thanksgiving from M/I Homes


Beautiful Fall-Inspired Patio and Porch Ideas

Summer’s gone, and with it all the pool parties, long beach hours, and cold lemonade and ice cream on your porch. While it is true that it’s getting colder, that doesn’t mean that you have to lock yourself inside until spring, does it? Fall is a beautiful season, and its colors and smells can take you back to childhood when you loved playing in piles of leaves. Celebrate the season and express your joy for the upcoming holidays by decorating your porch and patio with fall colors and details.


Warm up the atmosphere

Your body will not fail to notice how fast the temperature goes down, but if you wish, you can warm up the entire porch by choosing to install (or even make) an outdoor fireplace. This will enable you, your family, and friends to spend some quality time outside, breathing fresh air and not worrying about the cold at all. Keep a stack of blankets at hand so you can wrap it around your shoulders if need be, and enjoy a beautiful day or an evening at your porch.

Coat your home with stones

Painting your home has really become a drag; sun, rain, and the wind damage the color pretty soon, and doing it all over again every other season is bad for your budget (and patience). When you’re thinking about fall redecorating of your home, give exterior wall stone cladding a try. Choose natural slate stone in shades of rusty brown to match the season, and transform your home completely. Not only will it look a lot better, but it doesn’t absorb water and it’s resistant to frost, which makes it perfect for rainy falls and chilly winters.

A touch of color

Fall brings out the most beautiful colors in nature, shades of brown, yellow, orange, and red are combined perfectly and make even the most common backyard look like a masterpiece. Try recreating that magic yourself by placing cushions with fall themes on chairs, and adding pots of orange and red flowers on your patio. Tie a bunch or dry twigs together with a bright ribbon and add a dried flower or a plastic pumpkin next to it, or fill a plain empty lantern with pumpkins, gourds, and pinecones.

Fall Decor

Fall Decor

Foliage, twigs, and a little something…

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on fall decoration of your home; luckily, nature provides us with plenty of things we can use to beautify both our living rooms and porches. Go for a walk to a nearby park or countryside and collect as many of the beautiful leaves as you can. When you get back, make a wreath using those leaves, some twigs, and plain old corn. What is more, you can pick up even small, dry branches, place them in vases, and decorate them with Christmas lights. Be innovative, make gilded pumpkins, and use burlap to make lovely rustic bows which you can attach to practically anything.

Harvest theme

You can use something simple and unexpected to make wreaths as well, like an ordinary rake. Prop rake upright on your porch and place leaves, corncobs, dried flowers, and burlap stripes in bundles around rake tines. What you will get is a simple decoration, sculpture-like even, that celebrates countryside and harvest. You can add pheasant feathers and some berries as well, and a small chalk written sign on your door that says: “Welcome, friends”.

Fall Decor Welcome Sign

Fall Decor

You don’t have to cover everything in orange and brown, or stack an enormous pile of pumpkins around your front door to welcome fall; a few simple, well-placed details will make all the difference. Your family will love it, you will be happy whenever you look at your patio, and all your guests will want to spend a few moments longer on your porch, just looking at the atmosphere you created.

***Guest Blogger: Derek Lotts is a writer and an eager learner. He likes to believe that he found his place on the internet, searching for and sharing ideas. Décor and home improvement topics have always been his favourite. You can follow him on Twitter for trendy updates on interior and exterior design.

Fall Wreath Ideas

The leaves have started to turn, the temperature’s are dropping and candy corn is suddenly all over your local grocery stores. We may have already had the first “official” day of fall, but now we can actually see and feel it.

It’s time to bring in all of the summer decorations – you know all the bright colors, flip flops, beach themed items and feature some of those gorgeous fall colors with your home decor.  The first place to start is your front door and to help you we have collected some of our favorite fall wreath ideas from Pinterest!

Check out more of our favorite fall decor on our Pinterest page!

What are some of your favorite fall wreaths?

Being Thankful Really Hits Home.

It’s days like today that we’re thankful just to be home.

The leaves we rake, the gutters we clean, the windows we wash, the firewood we collect, the bills we pay and the mortgage we meet – all are reasons to be thankful because it means we have a roof over our head and a place to stay warm at night.

Home is everything to us because it remains a symbol of so much we have to be thankful for.  It’s where we first learn how to walk, how to dream, how to work, how to grow and how to love.  It’s where we gather as family and where we celebrate as friends.

As millions of Americans spend this holiday finding new reasons to say thanks and new places to be thankful, we’re thankful for all that we have.  Which, for us, starts at home.

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Fall Decorating Inspiration For Your Mantel!

Many of us love decorating our homes for the fall, but sometimes we need a little bit of inspiration to help us get started.

One of the focal points of a family room or living room is often the fireplace and it can be a challenge to decorate!  Don’t let decorating your mantel stress you out and definitely don’t let it break the bank.

One of the best things about fall is you can typically find items to decorate your home right in your backyard!  Items like acorns, logs, pinecones, sticks and leaves make great decorations for fall and don’t cost a dime!  (Make sure to check for critters!)

Other items like burlap, old crates, lanterns, shutters and candle sticks you can typically find at garage sales or even a local thrift store.  These type of items are easy to paint, stain, or leave how they are for a distressed / aged look.

Here are some pictures of mantels we just love to help with your fall decorating inspiration!  You can make your mantel as simple as you want or really go all out like some of these homeowners did!

We would love to see how you have decorated your mantel for fall!



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