“Spooktacular” Door Decorations

Are you looking for a way to make your home look “Spooktacular” this Halloween season?

Door decorations are a fun and simple way to spook your guests before they even walk into your home and they can be relatively inexpensive to do! Even our models in Ohio and Virginia are getting into the Halloween spirit and are decorating their doors this season.

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The best part? These “spooktacular” designs are made from simple materials including; crepe paper, brown paper bags, paper plates, construction paper, tissue paper, you name it! Most likely you already have these materials sitting around your home – you just have to find a creative way to use them to decorate your door!

Don’t forget to look for ways to use your front door for all of its great features! If you have a window in the center, think about using that to make a monster with one eye. Or if you have an opening for the mail in your door, use that as a mouth with teeth coming out! Be as creative as you can!

Spring Break Snow Fun in Maple Grove

There may be snow on the ground in Indy, but that isn’t stopping some future Zionsville residents in our Maple Grove community from getting outside and making the most of this not-so-spring-like weather!

Check out the snowmen (clad in an M/I Homes construction hat, of course) that a few future residents built on their lot!

Snow Man
Indianapolis experienced record-breaking snowfall for late March, with nearly ten inches falling in and around the city! But these residents know that a little snow can’t stop the spring fun! We certainly think this is a sign that Maple Grove will be one fun community to live in!

Interested in learning more about Maple Grove? Contact us to schedule a community tour!


It’s hard to forget Clark Griswold in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and his determined effort to have a “good old fashioned family Christmas.”

This Christmas we give you a look at some other over-the-top christmas lighting.  We hope you don’t blow out the power like Clark Griswold but here’s a look at others who’ve competed with Clark over the years.





source: DIY Network

Between a Rock and a Hard Place?

Literally, here are rock-solid dwellings carved from cliffs for those who actually live between a rock and a hard place.

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The act of carving a home rather than building one, inspired by the idea of being one with nature, or, more likely, Batman’s tricked out cave lair, has made cave homes coveted by all types of humans, from ancient peoples to the Degrassi-stars-turned-rappers of today. It’s that universal appeal that makes architecture hewn from rock come in such an array of tastes and textures, from hand-carved ancient temples to strange, Flintstone-like abodes of modern-day media personalities. Take as another example this rock-embedded dwelling in Moab, Utah, which was formed from a massive slab of sandstone and is one of many cliffside homes of a plural-marriage Mormon community founded some 35 years ago to provide asylum for what had become a fringe group. Leaving all “between a rock and a hard place” references aside, flip through the images here for additional examples of crag architecture, including a hotel that’s burrowed beneath 500 feet of solid rock and a neighborhood where cliffside homes have survived for nearly 9,000 years.

See all rock-solid dwellings here

source: Amy Schellenbaum, Curbed.com

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So True!

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