Creative Halloween Inspired Decorating Ideas

Halloween is a yearly celebration which occurs all over the world, and since the scariest night of the year is approaching, you should definitely consider making your house the spookiest in the street. There are many ways in which this can be achieved by masking your house, yard and porch with many Halloween-themed ornaments. If you want it to look perfect and really scary, consider improving your Halloween with the tips listed below.

Spooky ideas for your décor

There is nothing better than frightening your neighborhood with easily crafted decorations made to deliver the ultimate fear. Focus on your porch, and decorate it in the scariest way. You can create bats from a black colored paper and glue them all over the place; that way, it will look like bats are stuck all over your wall. Also, you can place black colored paper on the windows to make it look like it is broken. Another great thing is getting skulls from the nearest store and hanging them above your doors. If that doesn’t scare everyone I don’t know what will.

Halloween Front Porch Decor

Haunted house

Nothing chills one’s bones as well as the feeling of a ghost presence. One of the things you can do is buy draperies which are cut and have holes all over them. When left hanging on the porch, they will resemble ghost-like shapes. You can also create a ghost-shaped doll and cover it with white sheets and by simply letting it hover on your porch, you will discourage people from coming close to it. Black crows are a resemblance of fear and something haunted, so if you manage to get these (or create a few), you will definitely get the desired effect. Last but not least are the candles: place them all over the place, and surround them with a lot of black color so that their light resembles that mystic shadow. If you can manage to find a black chandelier (there are a lot of paper ones which are sold at around $5-15), you will complete your haunted house.

Haunted House Decoration

Decorating the walls

Once inside your home, a person has to feel additionally scared. This can be achieved by decorating the walls in a way so that they look realistically scary. One of the ways of achieving that is by throwing red washable paint at them to resemble blood. You can make the walls additionally spooky, by adding the spider web made out of yarn. It is very easy to make; pick a color of the yarn, choose a location in the house where you want to place it, and then you just start spinning the web by creating the skeleton and arms of the web and end up making the web rings, which is a process that needs to be repeated several times. Once you are done creating the web, add a few spiders to make it more realistic and voila.

Halloween Decor for Your Walls

Get the best out of your available budget

The most important things concerning Halloween are to have fun while decorating the house, to stay within your available budget, and the most importantly – to further bond with your family members. There are many ways in which you can achieve this by simply being creative and open-minded. To save a lot of money on already manufactured products which are sold worldwide and which can be seen at almost every doorstep, consider making your own Halloween decorations. Put your imagination to the test, take your tools and paper, and start crafting, painting and gluing. This is probably the most interesting way of decorating a fully themed Halloween house.

By applying the above listed tips, you will definitely have a spooktacular experience!

Author’s Bio: Lana Hawkins is a student of architecture from Sydney, and a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator. Being a crafty girl, Lana loves knitting and smaller DIY home projects.  In her free time, she loves creating new recipes and cycling.

“Spooktacular” Door Decorations

Are you looking for a way to make your home look “Spooktacular” this Halloween season?

Door decorations are a fun and simple way to spook your guests before they even walk into your home and they can be relatively inexpensive to do! Even our models in Ohio and Virginia are getting into the Halloween spirit and are decorating their doors this season.

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The best part? These “spooktacular” designs are made from simple materials including; crepe paper, brown paper bags, paper plates, construction paper, tissue paper, you name it! Most likely you already have these materials sitting around your home – you just have to find a creative way to use them to decorate your door!

Don’t forget to look for ways to use your front door for all of its great features! If you have a window in the center, think about using that to make a monster with one eye. Or if you have an opening for the mail in your door, use that as a mouth with teeth coming out! Be as creative as you can!

Fabulous Fall Festivities: Dining on the Deck


With the advent of autumn and the arrival of cooler weather comes the perfect opportunity to entertain your friends and family by hosting your own dinner party or social gathering out on your back deck. And a memorable evening is within your grasp by taking care of the basics beforehand.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, this one covers the entire concept of fall dining/entertaining out on the deck with a single shot! You’ve got sparkling lights in the background coupled with an entirely autumn tablescape complete with candles, fall foliage and a bit of bling with the glittering seasonal fruit display.

Let’s take a closer look at each aspect as we break down the merry must-haves for hosting your own fall festivities in your backyard.

Let there be Light


One thing is certain: you can’t have an outdoor party in the evening without a little bit of light!

Whether dangling festive lanterns down from the lumber rafters or from the railing of your deck, incorporating larger pops of illumination is a fun way to set the lighthearted mood and see the faces of your friends at the same time.

Additionally, consider draping string lights over your fence and around the perimeter of your backyard to create subtle ambience and add an air of whimsy to your gathering. After all, who says string lights only belong on Christmas trees?

Now that everything is in clear view, it’s time to tackle the table.

Fall Foliage


Set the scene by mixing in autumnal hues wherever you need a pop of color. The rich reds and oranges combined with the jewel-toned berries and woodsy browns are the perfect palette for leaving no doubt about the evening’s theme: fall has arrived!

Whether comprised of composite decking or natural lumber, your outdoor deck space is only enhanced by incorporating more of the earthy beauty surrounding it so feel free to apply the colors of fall liberally throughout.

For a festive centerpiece, consider placing a few thick candles inside the willowy confines of a fall wreath made out of dried vines or branches. Accent the piece with a few sprigs of berries or seasonal fruit.

*Tip: Give your décor a glittery boost by spray painting your accent pieces with metallic gold, copper or silver spray paint or even spraying them with glue adhesive and then dipping them in glitter. To add texture and balance out the sparkle, incorporate some decorations in their natural state, like unadorned pinecones and fallen leaves.

Pretty Perimeter


Moving away from the center of the table and to the surrounding areas, if you have thick railings around your deck, place tiny votive candles in little autumn pails all around the outdoor space.

Alternatively, you could hang autumn-appropriate planters and baskets from the railing.


For the ultimate in fall and flowers, carve out the interior of a pumpkin and use it as a “gourd-geous” planter for a bunch of mums!

Fun Finger Foods


And what type of party would it be without a bit of food? Give your guests a bite to eat in bite-sized portions that can easily be managed with one hand and that don’t require plates or silverware. This way, they have a free hand for a cool drink or a warm beverage and you aren’t stuck with dish duty or garbage clean-up afterwards!

Easy Breezy

If you live in a warmer climate or the air has yet to adopt the brisk chill you were hoping for, keep the environment cool by placing a few freestanding fans around the deck. Not only will this keep your guests comfortable but it will also discourage unwelcome guests like gnats and mosquitoes from crashing your party.

*Tip: Remember those candles? Make some of the ones on the perimeter of the deck citronella candles to really drive home to the bugs that they are not on the list!

What are some of your favorite fall decorations for outdoor dining and entertaining?

Jay Harris is a Home Depot “on the floor” sales associate in Illinois and a regular contributor on decking tips for Home Depot’s website. Jay also writes often on outdoor home lumber projects, including tips on fences, patios and children’s playsets.

Fall in Love with these 5 DIY Decor Ideas

In our markets like Indianapolis, leaves are changing colors, temperatures are falling and football is back! There is much to love about the season, including the opportunity to warm up your M/I Home with the colors of autumn and taking on a new DIY décor project! The following ideas will offer season-appropriate style that will add a dash of fall indoors.

1.       Gourd Vases

Bring deep, jewel-tonedimage019 flowers of fall to your kitchen counter or end tables with this simple to make gourd vase. Gourds are abundant during fall and are the perfect shape to use as a natural vase. Cut the top 3/4 off of a gourd and fill with fall flower favorites like Goldenrods, Helenium and Sedum.

2.       Fall Glass Candle Holder

Nothing quite comparesimage020 to a comforting aroma throughout a home during the fall! Purchase inexpensive glass candle holders from retailers like Target and fill with seasonal items such as candy corn, corn kernels or plastic acorns from a craft store. Nestle in your favorite seasonal Yankee Candles and scatter throughout the home. Switch out the candy corn for cinnamon sticks as the weather gets colder and let the beautiful scent fill your M/I Home!

3.       Leaf Letter Wreath

Looking for a cleverimage021 way to use the colored leaves falling from the trees? Spend an afternoon gathering unique leaves (great activity for the kids). Pick up a paper mache’ letter from Hobby Lobby to represent your last name and paint orange. Glue leaves to the letter, and hang with fishing wire.

4.       Fall Mantle Piece

Decorate the mantleimage022 with this quick and thrifty DIY! Purchase four black pictures frames, four sheets of fall colored scrapbook paper and print the letters “F-A-L-L” from your home computer. Cut scrapbook paper to the dimension of the frame and cut out printed letters. Paste one letter on each piece of scrapbook paper and place in frame. This is a very inexpensive, but very cute update for the season!



5.       Spray Painted Pumpkin Centerpieces

Glamorize pumpkinsimage023 for a chic look as a centerpiece for the dining room or accents on a coffee table. Pick up three pumpkins in different shapes and sizes to meet your preference. Spray paint each pumpkin with a metallic gold, silver or white color and add your own special touch with glitter, buttons or stencil on a design.



DIY Friday from M/I Homes

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