A Happy New Year Begins at Home

As we celebrate the end of another year, we look ahead to an even better and brighter New Year. We may have a variety of hopes for the upcoming year but one wish we can all agree on is that of happiness. And what is a great source of happiness in our daily lives? Our home.

Our home gives us a sense of comfort at the end of the day. Our home is where we feel at peace and can relax with our loved ones. We share endless laughter, delicious meals, and priceless memories. Our home is where we are happiest.

So starting from home, let’s make a 2015 a happier, healthier year.

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Happy with M/I Homes Customer Story: The Ball Family

M/I Homes is a company founded on the belief that customers should be treated right. Years—and tens of thousands of homes later—we still keep customers as our number one priority. As a result, we have many homeowners who are happy to talk about their experiences with us!

 Today we introduce you to the Ball family. Jeff and his wife Katie live with their children Shelby, Landon and Lincoln in the Brownsburg community of Birch Run at Wynne Farms. They’ve only been there a few months, but they already love the space the home provides for their family! Read more about their experience with M/I Homes Indianapolis.

 1.     What neighborhood do you live in?

 We live in Birch Run at Wynne Farms.

Ball Family Home

2.       How long have you lived in your M/I Home?

We moved in the beginning of December 2012.

3.       What made you want to build with M/I Homes Indianapolis?

My parents built with M/I Homes Indianapolis 20 years ago and were very pleased with their home and had a great overall experience. They still currently live in that home. M/I also provided neighborhoods in locations that met our needs—that was key!

4.       How much research into builders did you do before you decided to go with M/I Homes?

We did quite a bit of research! We like the fact that M/I has been around for quite awhile. They have many employees that have been with the company for a long time which shows that M/I is a good company to work for and with.

5.       How did the M/I Homes team ease any nerves/worries you experienced during the building process?

Debbie was amazing! She responded very quickly to phone calls and emails. She addressed all our needs in a very timely manner. Jadelle was also very helpful and patient!

6.       What do you love most about your home?

We love all the space! It felt like home on the first day we moved in!!

7.       Is there anything else you’d like to share?

We would recommend M/I Homes Indianapolis to our friends and family. We enjoyed our building experience and are loving our new home. Great customer service, too!

 Thanks to the Ball family for sharing their story with us!

Ball Family

Are you interested in the Birch Run at Wynne Farms community? Get in touch to schedule a visit. There are also some move-in ready homes currently available in this community!

Happy Valentine’s Day


On this Valentine’s Day, we remember where our Hearts are…at Home.

Happy with M/I Homes Customer Story

Our customers are truly our greatest advocates! We don’t just work to sell a home; we work to make sure families are happy in their M/I Homes for years to come.

Sheri Carrell is one of our happy homebuyers! She’s been in an M/I Home since August 2011. Read more about her experience with M/I and why she’s so happy with her decision to build with us.

1.        What neighborhood/town do you live in?

We live in Marlin Meadows on the southeast side of Indianapolis. We like Marlin Meadows because it is quiet and away from the traffic.

2.        Is this your first M/I Home?


3.        What made you want to build as opposed to buying an existing home?

 My husband works from home. We wanted an office in our home that was away from the main living area, but still convenient for him. Also, he has always wanted a BIG garage and we just couldn’t find what we wanted during our search for an existing home.

4.        How much shopping around between home builders did you do before deciding to go with M/I Homes?

 A lot! I spent a significant amount of time searching various builders online. I checked out floor plans, communities and prices.

5.        Why did you ultimately decide to build with M/I as opposed to other builders?

We ultimately decided to go with M/I because we LOVED the Kentmore floor plan! During my research I found that M/I offered the best selection of floor plans for single story homes. We are in our early 50’s and wanted a home that would not present mobility issues as we grow older together. M/I gave us the option to build exactly what we were looking for without making compromises. We also liked the location of the M/I communities.

6.        Are you pleased with your M/I Home?

 We are so pleased with our home! We lived in our former home for 21 years and raised our children there and we were afraid it would be hard to leave that home and those memories behind. But the truth is we were so excited about our new home, it made leaving our old one a lot easier. With the economy being what it is right now, it was a scary decision for us to decide to move, but we have not regretted it one bit.

Often my husband and I will look at one another and simply state, “I love our house”.  The other one always says, “Me, too!”

7.        When working with M/I Homes’ sales staff & team, how were you treated?

EVERYONE and I mean everyone at M/I Homes Indianapolis was great to work with.  The folks at M/I Financial were on top of everything and we closed without a hitch.  Diane in the design center pretty much catered to our every whim. Alan, our construction supervisor kept us up on everything that was going on during the build and resolved any issues promptly. Sheila, our sales representative was a lot of fun and helped us out tremendously! Jeff, the sales representative at Marlin Meadows is such a great guy.  There was a Kentmore already built in Marlin Meadows and he allowed us to spend LOTS of time in there, just looking around and planning our home. That was so helpful.  We still see him often and he is like a friend to us.

8.        What is your favorite thing about your home?

 This is a tough one! My husband Bill loves his office (which is in the bonus room) and his “dream garage”. I love that the home features plenty of space without having wasted space. I just think it is a lovely home design, with pretty features like the vaulted ceilings and plant shelf in the living room. Beautiful on the inside and out, we love living in our home!

9.        Is your house somewhere where you envision yourself living for years to come? Why or why not?

 We are here till “death do us part” haha!

10.     Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I just want to say that we were a little afraid of the process of building a home. Good customer service is hard to find and we were skeptical. But that has changed! On every level, M/I Homes Indianapolis not only met our expectations, but exceeded every one of them!

Happy with M/I Homes: Customer Story

At M/I Homes Indianapolis, our goal is to not only get families to build with us, but to ensure customers stay happy with our homes for years to come.

Sue and her husband moved into their first M/I Home in October of 2011. Coming up on their one year anniversary in their home, we wanted to check in and see how everything was going. Read what she had to say below:

M/I Homes Customer Story

What neighborhood/town do you live in?

We chose Marlin Meadows because we loved the location (near Wanamaker) as well as the charm of all the homes built there.

Is this your first M/I Home?


What made you want to build as opposed to buying an existing home?

 We did look into buying an existing home, but all the homes we saw on the market didn’t meet all of our needs. All of them would have needed a lot of work.

How much shopping around between home builders did you do before deciding to go with M/I Homes?

 I actually used to work for another home builder, so I was already aware of most builders out there. We researched most of the big names in the area before making a decision.

Why did you ultimately decide to build with M/I as opposed to other builders?

We really fell in love with the Marlin Meadows community. The look of M/I Homes is also very unique. They aren’t what I’d call “cookie cutter” homes that are just straight across on top with gable roofs; they have great curb appeal.

Are you pleased with your M/I Home?

 Yes, I love it!

When working with M/I Homes’ sales staff & team, how were you treated?

I was really impressed with the people at M/I. They truly want to help and make you happy! The communication among the company is very impressive. I know some home builders aren’t as great about customer services and tell you someone will get back to you about a service or issue, but don’t follow up. M/I Homes takes care of you and all your inquiries.

What is your favorite thing about your home?

 I love the floor plan! There are little things that truly make it work such as the hall next to the entry has a wall to hide the opening of the bathroom. There’s also a wide entryway, a huge family room and my walk in closet is one of the largest I have seen.

Is your house somewhere where you envision yourself living for years to come? Why or why not?

 Absolutely! We bought our M/I Home with the future in mind and looked specifically for a home that would fit our retirement needs.


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