M/I Homes Volunteers with Alvis House for the Holidays

This year, the Alvis House was chosen by our corporate office at M/I Homes as the recipient of our holiday gift drive and holiday party. M/I Homes was able to work with the Family and Children’s Program to help create a wonderful holiday experience for the women and their families.  The Family and Children’s Program works to rebuild relationships which have been affected by a parent’s involvement in the criminal justice system.

M/I Homes and the Alvis House

In November, M/I Homes team members set out a Christmas tree in our lobby with stockings, gingerbread houses, ornaments and other fun decorations.  Each ornament contained a few gift ideas for one of the children in the Family and Children’s Program.  Members of our M/I Homes team were encouraged to pick out a child from the tree to bring a gift for.  Some departments went in on gifts together, while other employees and family members individually purchased gifts for a child.

Two weeks prior to our scheduled holiday party, M/I Homes attended one of the Family and Children’s Program Saturday sessions to help children in the program put together picture frames for their moms.  We also had each of the moms create stockings to give their children at the party.  It was a fun experience for all involved!

After collecting over 100 gifts for these families, members of our Employee Activity Committee wrapped each child’s gift, as well as compiled gifts of scarves, jewelry and lotion for the mom’s.   On Saturday, December 19th M/I Homes and the Alvis House hosted their holiday party, complete with a visit from Santa, a catered lunch, cookie decorating, craft making and family memories for years to come!  Each family had the opportunity to meet Santa, and take family photos to put into their picture frame for their moms to keep.  For some families this was the first family photo they had from a Christmas spent together.  The M/I Homes team attended this event, ensuring that each child received their presents from Santa, helped to serve food, decorate cookies and enjoyed interacting with each family. Jackie Haight, the Volunteer and Intern Manager for Alvis House said, “The food was good, Santa and the activities were great, and the generous abundance of gifts for the children and moms was amazing!  Kudos to your M/I Homes team for making this event so special for our families.”

“The families were so appreciative of this time to spend with their families.  You could see how much they appreciated a way to celebrate the holidays with their families! It was truly humbling to be able to be a part of such a memorable day for their families.  That’s what the holidays are all about!” said one of our M/I Homes employees, Emily Smith.

Thank you to the Alvis House for letting us be a part of your holiday cheer program.  Our M/I Homes team truly enjoyed every minute of it!


**The mission of Alvis House is to serve individuals and families by providing effective programs and services that foster personal responsibility and healthy lifestyles resulting in safer communities for all.

A Day to Be Thankful: A House Becomes a Home

It starts when we’re “house hunting.” Or we’re “buying a new house.” But everything changes the minute we move in. It’s no longer a collection of lumber and shingles, plumbing and wire; floors and finishes. Once we move in, we give the house a soul. It becomes “home.” That’s why we “hunt for a house,” but always “head for home.”

All of the emotions and memories that bind families together radiate from the cornerstone of our lives: from our homes.

So, when all of the 90,000 families who live in M/I Homes gather to count their blessings, we count each one of them as a blessing of our own. We are eternally grateful that our calling is to create such a profound part of people’s lives.

From our family to yours, we wish you a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving from M/I Homes

Happy Thanksgiving from M/I Homes


M/I Homes Collects Over 100 Coats for CitySquare in Dallas, TX!

M/I Homes DFW Partnered with our local CitySquare program to collect coats to help former foster children stay warm this season. 

Over the past few weeks, M/I Homes of Dallas Fort Worth employees, vendors, and trade partners have worked together to gather children and adult size coats to benefit those involved with the CitySquare Program.  CitySquare is a local non-profit organization that helps individuals transitioning out of foster care and onto their own feet, with many going into temporary housing.

Together we collected more than 100 coats and are thankful to have had the opportunity to have made a contribution!

M/I Homes Collecting Coats for City Square

M/I Homes Collecting Coats for City Square

M/I Homes DFW has initiated a Community Crew team to continue to help out with other service opportunities throughout the holiday season.  Our next volunteering opportunity will be in December helping to bag food and toys for another local non-profit organization, “Christmas for Children.”

Creative Halloween Inspired Decorating Ideas

Halloween is a yearly celebration which occurs all over the world, and since the scariest night of the year is approaching, you should definitely consider making your house the spookiest in the street. There are many ways in which this can be achieved by masking your house, yard and porch with many Halloween-themed ornaments. If you want it to look perfect and really scary, consider improving your Halloween with the tips listed below.

Spooky ideas for your décor

There is nothing better than frightening your neighborhood with easily crafted decorations made to deliver the ultimate fear. Focus on your porch, and decorate it in the scariest way. You can create bats from a black colored paper and glue them all over the place; that way, it will look like bats are stuck all over your wall. Also, you can place black colored paper on the windows to make it look like it is broken. Another great thing is getting skulls from the nearest store and hanging them above your doors. If that doesn’t scare everyone I don’t know what will.

Halloween Front Porch Decor

Haunted house

Nothing chills one’s bones as well as the feeling of a ghost presence. One of the things you can do is buy draperies which are cut and have holes all over them. When left hanging on the porch, they will resemble ghost-like shapes. You can also create a ghost-shaped doll and cover it with white sheets and by simply letting it hover on your porch, you will discourage people from coming close to it. Black crows are a resemblance of fear and something haunted, so if you manage to get these (or create a few), you will definitely get the desired effect. Last but not least are the candles: place them all over the place, and surround them with a lot of black color so that their light resembles that mystic shadow. If you can manage to find a black chandelier (there are a lot of paper ones which are sold at around $5-15), you will complete your haunted house.

Haunted House Decoration

Decorating the walls

Once inside your home, a person has to feel additionally scared. This can be achieved by decorating the walls in a way so that they look realistically scary. One of the ways of achieving that is by throwing red washable paint at them to resemble blood. You can make the walls additionally spooky, by adding the spider web made out of yarn. It is very easy to make; pick a color of the yarn, choose a location in the house where you want to place it, and then you just start spinning the web by creating the skeleton and arms of the web and end up making the web rings, which is a process that needs to be repeated several times. Once you are done creating the web, add a few spiders to make it more realistic and voila.

Halloween Decor for Your Walls

Get the best out of your available budget

The most important things concerning Halloween are to have fun while decorating the house, to stay within your available budget, and the most importantly – to further bond with your family members. There are many ways in which you can achieve this by simply being creative and open-minded. To save a lot of money on already manufactured products which are sold worldwide and which can be seen at almost every doorstep, consider making your own Halloween decorations. Put your imagination to the test, take your tools and paper, and start crafting, painting and gluing. This is probably the most interesting way of decorating a fully themed Halloween house.

By applying the above listed tips, you will definitely have a spooktacular experience!

Author’s Bio: Lana Hawkins is a student of architecture from Sydney, and a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator. Being a crafty girl, Lana loves knitting and smaller DIY home projects.  In her free time, she loves creating new recipes and cycling.

Fall Wreath Ideas

The leaves have started to turn, the temperature’s are dropping and candy corn is suddenly all over your local grocery stores. We may have already had the first “official” day of fall, but now we can actually see and feel it.

It’s time to bring in all of the summer decorations – you know all the bright colors, flip flops, beach themed items and feature some of those gorgeous fall colors with your home decor.  The first place to start is your front door and to help you we have collected some of our favorite fall wreath ideas from Pinterest!

Check out more of our favorite fall decor on our Pinterest page!

What are some of your favorite fall wreaths?


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