Stepping into Spring: Spring Home Maintenance Tips!

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring (finally!).  If you’re like a lot of our homeowners, you’re probably wondering how you could be getting your home prepared for Spring?

Here is a quick list of recommendations that we have compiled to check off your list as you prepare your home for Spring!


Home Maintenance Tips:

1.  Replace smoke and fire alarm batteries, as well as carbon monoxide batteries

2.  Reinstall the freeze plug on your sump pump

3.  Inspect and touch-up interior and exterior paint.  Caulk to keep your home looking fresh and prevent any uninvited water intrusion

4.  Check drainage around the exterior of your home to ensure runoff of water

5.  Inspect your homes foundation for any water penetration

6.  Oil garage door(s)

7.  Check drain and flush the hot water tank to prevent any sediment from building up in the tank

8.  Maintain 3′ between your foundation of your home and tree shrubs, bushes, etc.

9.  Clean and adjust the humidifier on your furnace

10.  Inspect your A/C unit to ensure it is clean from any debris.  If needed – have someone come out to clean and service your unit.

11.  Check your hose faucets outside for any freeze damage.

12.  Fertilize your lawn to get it ready for the Spring and Summer seasons

13.  Clean out your gutters to ensure proper drainage

14.  Clean and repair your window screens to allow you to keep windows open in the Spring and Summer

15.  Clean decks, fences, driveways and any other outdoor surfaces from debris.  Use a power washer to make this job easier

These are just some recommendations that we have collected throughout the years!  Please feel free to share any suggestions that you have with us as well!


Fall Maintenance Tips!

With the first “official” day of fall almost here, pumpkin lattes, apple cider, and candy corn seem to be popping up everywhere! But what does this mean for your home?

If you’re like most of us, you’re probably so excited about the leaves changing colors that you have probably forgotten that eventually you’re going to have a lot of raking to do! Yup – it’s that time of the year! Why not get ahead of the game and start preparing your home for fall?

Not sure what to do? Check out this list of fall maintenance items to help you get started!

Clean out & Inspect your gutters – Help prevent winter water damage by making sure these are clear!

Clean & Inspect Gutters

Clean & Inspect Gutters

Drain Outdoor Faucets – Help to prevent your pipes from freezing and potentially cracking in the winter.

Drain Faucets

Drain Faucets

Clean Fireplace and Chimney – If you’re someone who loves to have fires in the winter, you’ll want to make sure the fireplace / chimney are clear! If not you risk the chance of smoke coming into your home instead of up (and out) the chimney!

Clean your Chimney

Clean your Chimney

Inspect your Furnace – You would hate to learn that something is wrong with your furnace on the first cold day of the year, wouldn’t you?

Inspect Furnace

Inspect Furnace

Apply a Fall Fertilizer– This helps your grass recover from the hot summer months and prepares it for next Spring!

Apply Fall Fertilizer

Apply Fall Fertilizer

Change the Direction of your Ceiling Fan This creates an upward draft that redistributes warm air from the ceiling.

Change Direction of your Ceiling Fan

Change Direction of your Ceiling Fan

Clean Yard Equipment – Prepare your yard equipment for storage. Don’t forget to also check on your winter items (snowblowers, shovels, etc) to make sure they’re running properly and are easily accessible!

Clean Yard Equipment

Clean Yard Equipment

Replace Smoke and Fire Alarm Batteries –  Help to keep your family safe year round!

Change Batteries

Change Batteries

Inspect Weather Stripping Around Doors  Proper weather stripping will keep cold air out and warm air in (saving you $$ on your energy bills!)

Inspect Weather Stripping

Inspect Weather Stripping




“Tip-Off” to Spring Maintenance

Have you been watching the clock and hoping for spring? Spring has FINALLY arrived along with the best few weeks of college basketball!

We don’t want you to be embarrassed by shooting an air ball with your home maintenance this year. Start playing offense and take advantage of these slam dunk tips to start the season off right.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing Spring maintenance tips that will get you off the bench (during time outs of course!) and into the game. Be sure to check back frequently as we reveal more tips.


Bonus!  We’ve gathered even more Spring Maintenance tips into a handy checklist that you can print & check off this Spring.


Print it now: Spring Maintenance Tips 2014

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Bob Vila’s 5 ‘Must-Do’ Tasks for March


On the cusp of spring, March is the month to start readying your house for the warm weather ahead, as well as to address any projects you put off over the winter.

Get a jump on spring

Even if you’re diligent about cleaning year-round, spring is the traditional time to address those areas of the home missed by your regular cleaning routine. Dust or vacuum out-of-the-way nooks and crannies — the tops of wall-mounted cabinets, for example, and the floor beneath large appliances. Launder or dry clean fabric draperies, and use a damp cloth to clean wood and vinyl blinds. Vacuum upholstered furniture and mattresses, and if you have area rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting, think about renting a carpet cleaner. In short, the goal is to remove dust, mites, and allergens wherever they have settled in order to achieve a healthier home.

Grease residue lingering in the kitchen? Consider washing your cabinets, backsplashes and walls with a mixture of warm water and mild detergent. The same goes for the bathroom, where soap scum, mold and mildew are persistent nuisances. While you’re cleaning tile, look for areas of worn or missing grout, as these may lead to more serious water damage if not repaired.

And just as you readied your furnace for fall, now is the time to make sure your air conditioning unit is in good working order. Change the filter, examine hose connections for leaks, and verify that drain pans are draining freely. If you suspected problems with efficiency or performance last summer, call in a professional to check things out before the warm weather arrives.

Spring cleaning is by no means confined to the indoors. Take a walk around the exterior of your house to evaluate the condition of your home’s roofing, siding, and foundation. Snow, ice, and fluctuating temperatures can all take their toll on shingles and other exterior architectural elements. If you have a deck or patio, give it a good sweep, in the process checking for any minor issues in need of repair. You can get a year’s worth of grime and mildew off your deck and siding in minutes with a pressure washer and an oxygen-based bleach solution.

Organize a closet or two

Though many of us would rather keep the door closed on the subject of closet organization, cleaning up your act storage-wise can yield abundant daily and long-term benefits. Pick one closet as a starting point for your efforts and set a goal for what you wish to accomplish. List what you want to store in this closet and identify the ways in which it’s currently letting you down. Big box stores and specialty shops offer storage options running the gamut from strictly functional wire systems to highly decorative cabinetry. Budget, style, and the amount of space you have available should all factor into your decision-making.

Start planning your garden

While it may be too early in most parts of the country to start planting your garden, it’s never too early to plan! Consult seed catalogs or online retailers to find new varieties to experiment with. After all, nurseries and home improvement chains only have room to stock the most popular plants. So if you are looking for heirloom or rare varieties — anything to make your yard truly distinctive this summer — seed catalogs are the way to go. If you’re anxious to begin any way that you can, consider starting your tomatoes from seed indoors.

Paint something — anything!

There’s nothing easier or more rewarding than applying a fresh coat of paint to a room or piece of furniture. Would any room in your house benefit from a totally new hue or just a touchup? The answer is probably yes. If you’re interested in adding bright colors to your home’s palette but aren’t sure where to begin, don’t miss these expert tips on boosting color confidence. And there’s no need to stop at the walls; you can use paint to give new life to an old piece of furniture, worn-out cabinets, or a lackluster stairway.

Create a home office that works for you

Making the right design decisions in your home office can mean the difference between working hard and hardly working! Even if you already have a home office, consider whether there may be a better place for it. Two important questions to ask: Will you actually work in this space (steer clear of bedrooms, which our minds associate with rest), and will there be few distractions (laundry hampers, kitchen sinks, and anything else that might compete for your attention should be out of sight)? Be sure you have room for everything that is essential to the work you do. If your work area is small, take advantage of vertical space by installing shelves above your desk or tall adjacent bookcases. A home office should work for you, so if the setup you have isn’t working, change it!

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