Set the Scene for a Stress-Free Holiday Visit

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The holiday season is approaching, and your house is likely to swell with guests. While all that shared eggnog may lead to many happy memories, having guests (or being one) isn’t necessarily an entirely blissful experience. In environmental psychology speak, when one person or group needs to share territory with another, tensions may build. Here’s how you can design a space that keeps guests and the host equally happy.

Create a space that belongs to your guests. Sharing isn’t easy on hosts or their guests. Hosts have to make compromises. Guests can feel adrift and out-of-sorts because they don’t have a place that they feel belongs to them. If you can provide your guests with a separate room, they’ll be more refreshed, and everyone will get along better.

Provide visual and acoustic privacy. Guests relish having time away from seeing and hearing others, even if they need to sleep in your home office to get it. Try to put guests in the most remote part of the house, so they feel like they have a comforting sanctuary.

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Make it restful, physically and visually. Make the guest room a relaxing place to be. Use colors that aren’t very saturated but are relatively bright. Curved shapes are also relaxing. Two beds in a room make it possible for individuals who aren’t a couple to share a space.

Make a retreat with options. Ideally the space for your guests should be arranged so they can do more than just sleep. This will allow both you and them to gracefully spend a little time apart. It’s nice to include a comfortable chair where they can sit and read, use a phone to call home, work on a laptop or watch TV. A bed that becomes a sofa would allow them to entertain others in their room, too, making it feel more personal.

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Preparing for Company in 60 Minutes or Less; Speed Cleaning 101

A home is made for entertaining. The anticipation of house guests’ arrival is exciting and thoughtfully prepared. With the holidays, however, you can’t always predict who will be stopping by. Here are some great tips from Apartment Therapy on cleaning up in a pinch when you don’t always get the advanced notice you had hoped for.

1. Gather the basics. Floor wipes, bleach wipes, countertop spray and an air freshener like Febreeze. A magic eraser is great to have on hand as well.

2. Pick up the floor and put everything away (or into the drawer to deal with “later.”) Clearing the floors and surfaces first makes everything go much faster later.

3. Vacuum the floors or, if you have one, let the Roomba do the work while you move onto #4.

4. Spray down all kitchen/dining room surfaces with countertop spray and wipe down. Tackle any tough spots with your magic eraser.

5. Use the bleach wipes to wipe down the sink, toilet and shower in the bathroom.

6. Wipe down bathroom and entryway mirrors with the glass cleaner.

7. Shake out the rugs and throws and straighten pillows. Use air freshener on upholstered surfaces.


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