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Eight Kitchen Design Trends to Take Home

The kitchen’s being the nerve center of the home is not a new idea.

Credit: Dave Burk/Hedrich Blessing Photographers

Credit: Dave Burk/Hedrich Blessing Photographers

Neither is open plan living. The formal dining room is gone. The kitchen island reigns. And the great room is the place where most of a family’s life is lived. To help your plans more fully embrace modern living’s reality, Dominick Tringali, principal of Dominick Tringali Architects, wants you to think of the great room and the kitchen as one. He calls this approach The Living Triangle.

To that end, he offered attendees at this year’s International Builders’ Show several ways to make the most of the all-important living space.

Custom Touches. Because most home design begins with the kitchen, the Living Triangle becomes the center of the home and the driver of the design. It’s a chance to build features into the plan that make a production home feel more like a custom home.  Architectural details, like a cathedral ceiling with beam detail or an entryway defined by a stone arch, can be planned ahead and then integrated into the initial design. Cabinets can be built right into drywall, offering a custom look.

Save Face. Cut back spending on cabinet facings, and instead put the money toward designing good spaces and space-efficient cabinetry.

Take It Outside. Work an outdoor space into the plan, even if it’s just a small courtyard, letting the architectural spaces create the outside space. Don’t assume that your product is too small for an outside space. Even a 12-foot side yard can make for a courtyard that opens from the kitchen and into a flex room.

Raid the Pantry. If there’s extra space, consider a butler’s pantry that can function as a prep space and staging area. We’re not talking Downton Abbey–scale, but behind a sliding door or floating wall, a “dirty kitchen” can hide cooking chaos.

Light in Layers. Designing lighting for an open space is best done with several different sources: Task lighting on dimmers, pendants, and under-cabinet lights. Cabinets themselves can be a source of soft and pleasant ambient light, provided facings are translucent or transparent.

Get Wired. Incorporate appliances such as espresso machines and steam ovens into your kitchen designs. These add a custom, luxurious touch, as do warming drawers and fridge drawers—which are also both kid-friendly and wheelchair accessible.

Modernize. The open plan is a modern idea, and with it comes a chance to go for sleek lines and a spacious end result. Think floating vent hoods, big windows instead of overhead cabinets, running cabinetry clear up to the ceiling soffits. Take the same approach with the backsplash, using one great-looking material, whether it’s artisan tile or stainless steel.

Take It to the Banquette. Banquettes are back, and they’re a great way to use a niche, nook, corner, or window space to make a built-in seating area.

Source: Amy Albert, senior editor at Builder.

Cozy Beds for Winter in Your M/I Home

Everyone gets excited at the thought of sitting by a fire and enjoying a cup of hot cocoa during the winter months and we at M/I Homes think you should be just as excited to cuddle up in your warm, cozy bed before you go to sleep! Whether it’s a traditional dark wood or sleek, modern metal, a great looking bed can become the centerpiece of your bedroom. We gathered up some of our favorite beds that would be a great fit for any M/I Home.


This one’s from The Pottery Barn and we just loved the warm wood hues and all the thick comforters and blankets on top. Who wouldn’t want to take a nap on that?


Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 3.34.47 PM


Perfect for the Victorian style home, this white framed bed from IKEA looks great with floral patterned comforters and pillows and adds a hint of summer warmth during the cold winter months.



For those of us who prefer the modernist take on furniture, this piece from Rooms To Go is sure to satisfy. Toss on some throw pillows and it’s nap time!


Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 3.35.49 PM

This all purpose bed from Pier 1 Imports can be converted into 5 different styles with the canopy either up or down… wake up one morning and want a canopy? Not a problem!


These are just a few of our favorite examples of beds to complement your M/I Home but we’re sure that no matter what you end up going with, you’ll have a comfy, warm winter in your M/I Home!

Interior Design Inspiration from Pinterest

Thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest, there’s no longer any excuse for a lack of creativity and charm in your M/I Home. This blog post will feature some of our favorite recent pins featuring plenty of décor ideas to spice up any room in your M/I Home!

Go bold! Adding multiple colors and a clean white trim can be a great way to take a simple room and breathe some life into it. Choose two to three complimentary colors and separate them with the white trim to really make a room pop.

Why should inspiration quotes be kept in the living and bedroom only? Bring some inspiration to the loo with a framed quote and a mantle.

Add some glass jars with cotton swabs and other bathroom essentials and you’ve transformed blank space into an eye catching feature.

Mason jars painted on the inside can convert an old classic into a chic vase. These jars especially look great with light pastels and can fit on just about any counter or desk.

We just love DIY projects like these not only because they’re affordable, but because they’re lovely as well!

Look like an expensive entrance way table? Think again! All you need is two boards and two columns and you’ve got yourself a great looking table.

You can also use a wide array of other items to build your own unique piece of furniture. Get inspired with a trip to a local used furniture or vintage store.

Grab a can of Krylon’s Looking Glass spray paint and you’re on the fast track to some great-looking lamps. The spray paint leaves a trendy, mirror-like finish on glass surfaces and is an excellent way to renovate your old lamps.

Pinterest is full of amazing DIY projects, interior design inspiration and more. And did we mention we’re pinning ideas all the time? Follow us on Pinterest for more inspiration!


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