Oh, How They Shine! Tips for Exterior Christmas Lighting

For many families, putting up the lights is a tradition that is much anticipated. For new homeowners, installing Christmas lights can be both a thrill and a challenge.


Here are some tips from BHG on installing your lights:

  • Do the math. Measure the distance to cover, and figure out how many lights and clips are needed. Chances are the length of the strands won’t match the total length required and you’ll need to do some adjusting. For a brighter display, place clips closer together, or run two alternating strands.
  • Measure carefully. If you’re using special spacing between lights, cut a piece of cardboard or a strip of wood to the exact length. Use it to measure the space between clips.
  • Test your lights. Plug in each strand ahead of time to be sure each bulb lights up and that the sockets and cords are solid. Replace strands that have brittle cords or cracked or loose sockets.
  • Check the connections between strands to be sure they are compatible and the extension cord easily reaches the plug. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for the maximum number of strands to connect to each other. You may need to use a second extension cord.
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