5 Perfect Rooms for a Home Gym in the New Year

Still keeping up with your resolution for the New Year? For most of us, this includes a plan to be more active, healthy, and physically fit. What better form of motivation than a gym right in your own home? Turn one of these rooms in your home into a gym:

Have extra storage room in your Garage? Fill it with your favorite gym equipment!

Home Gym Garage

A finished Basement may be another great option for your new home gym. (Maybe you could work out while waiting for the laundry to finish!)

Home Gym Basement

Upstairs, a great, unused space may be the Loft or a bonus room that everyone has easy access to:

Home Gym Loft

Want to be motivated to work out right when you wake up? Why not add a home gym right in Bedroom?

Home Gym Bedroom

Try adding a stationary bike or treadmill to a room that overlooks your Balcony. It’s good for fresh air, a nicer view than the TV screen and you’ll feel like you’re running outside!

Home Gym Balcony


We’d love to hear your other ideas for great home gyms!

Home Organization Rules

Now that we have celebrated the New Year, it’s time to start working on those new year’s resolutions.  One of the most popular resolutions for 2015 is to “Get Organized”.  Getting organized can be a very daunting task and can quickly become overwhelming.  However, if you think about organizing your home as “centers”, it’ll quickly turn into a fun and enjoyable task.  By this time next year, you’ll be a pro at keeping your home organized!

Pick a Place for Everything

It’s an old saw, but it still cuts: “A place for everything, and everything in its place” is a watchword for true home organization. Possessions, like people, need homes. Find them that home, defend their turf with labels, dividers and organizers, and you’ve won most of the battle for an organized home.

Be creative when it comes to finding homes for household stuff and rearrange your thinking. So what if stores sell towels in matched sets of three? Break up the trio and store them where they’re needed: hand towels stacked in washrooms near living areas; bath towels and washcloths in the bathroom where they’re most used. Don’t hide pizza coupons and take-out menus away in a kitchen drawer where they’ll get forgotten: store them in a folder near the phone where they’ll be most useful.

Home organizations

Bring the Family on Board

Getting organized is not simply a matter of domestic real estate; it’s an integrated process involving all members of the household. Any organizing scheme or system will fail unless all family members understand it and can follow it. Bring the family on board as you organize your stuff and your surroundings. For example, when organizing where to put items in the kitchen, store plates, bowls and unbreakable glasses in low cabinets. Younger family members can set the table only if they can reach the dishware; by storing tableware in an accessible place for them, you’ll be helping all of the family to help you.

Create Centers for Household Activities

Looking for a model of a well-organized home? Head back to preschool! Preschool teachers are model organizers because they have to be. Without a plan for classroom structure, 18 or 20 energetic little people could create plaything havoc in mere moments.

To keep their schoolroom running smoothly, preschool teachers apply the concept of “centers”: dedicated areas for a single activity, like blocks, dress-up or sand play, with storage for all the playthings required by that activity. In the playhouse, kitchen toys, pots, and pans encourage role-playing; at the art table, paper, paints and brushes are within easy reach. At pick-up time, children know to return costumes to the dress-up pole and park the trucks in the “parking lot” storage area.

On the domestic front, you can set up centers that work the same way, to focus and support the everyday activities that are carried on in the home.

Home organization 2

Read more about the different centers for your home. 

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