Bring the Indianapolis 500 to your M/I Home

The Indianapolis 500 is like Christmas in May for those IndyCar enthusiasts. The people, food and open-wheel racing drama makes this day a loved tradition for Indy natives plus millions worldwide. While it is a spectacular event to attend, Many Hoosiers will get in on the race action by watching from home with friends and family. We’ve gathered some creative ideas to celebrate the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing” from the comfortable confines of your M/I Home.

1. Race Car Ticket Invitation – Invite your family and friends to your Indy 500-themed party with these crafty race car tickets! Create DIY invitations using checkered flag and bar code images to mirror the Indy 500 experience.


2. Flag Cone Popcorn – Easy, yet fun! Purchase inexpensive checkered flag paper from your local crafts store, and roll them around to shape like a cone. Use them for any food item you wish, but who doesn’t love popcorn?


3. IndyCars Treats – Want to make a simple, sweet treat that both children and adults will enjoy? To make these desserts, use Little Debbie’s Swiss Roll Cakes for the body of the car, and put pretzel sticks with marshmallows in the mini cakes for the tires. Baking isn’t necessary, plus these won’t melt in your air-conditioned M/I homes!


4. Antifreeze and Motor Oil Beverages – If you’re looking for a creative way to display your beverages, pour your water, punch and sparkling soda into serving glasses labeled with “Antifreeze” and “Motor Oil.” Just make sure to clearly indicate what the drink really is so that guests aren’t confused!


5. Toilet Paper Race Cars – Set these adorable race cars around your M/I Home to give your guests something to rave about. Be sure to save your empty toilet paper rolls to have plenty of decorative cars.


If interested, customize these projects to create your own pizzazz. Using these Indy 500-themed ideas will add style to your party celebrating the world’s largest single-day spectator sporting event. Have fun with family and friends in your M/I Home this weekend!



5 Sweet and Subtle Floral Décor Ideas

M/I Homes Indianapolis offers families and individuals alike plenty of space to decorate and add a personal touch to their homes. With warmer temperatures lately, we’ve been inspired to incorporate florals into our home! Here are some ideas to add florals into your home this spring.

1.    The Real Thing: Love to garden and want to bring your green thumb indoors? Bring in your freshest blooms and add a special vase with your touch of style to the center of your dining room or kitchen table. Choose from an array of affordable and chic vases available at Target. Refresh your floral choice for the changing seasons. 

Flower Vase

2.    DIY Magnetic Flowers: Add a lovely touch of spring to your solid-toned tablecloths, kitchen curtains or living room lampshade with these sewn-on accents. The blooms can be changed according to the season, and are a simple, fun project! All you need is fabric flowers, glue, mini magnets and a little bit of craftiness! Check out further instructions on the project.

Magnetic Flowers

3.    Painted Floral Headboard: Bring some pizzazz and fun into your bedroom (or a child’s room) by simply upgrading a plain wooden headboard with paint. First, sand all surfaces and coat with a water-base sealer. Then, using a household trim brush, base-coat the entire headboard with white satin paint. Next, apply a stripe-and-dot border. Finally, for the flowers download a pattern of your choice or this pattern, transfer onto the headboard, and paint!

Painted Floral Headboard

4.    Floral Wallpaper Lampshade: We really love this idea for a touch of floral that isn’t overwhelming. Transform your plain lampshade into a beautiful one with a few easy steps. Just grab your lampshade, favorite floral wallpaper and wallpaper paste. Follow these five simple steps and you will have a splash of floral in your room of choice in no time!

Wall Paper Lampshade

5.    Pressed Flower Frames:  Wouldn’t it be nice to cherish the spring and summer flowers you love all year long? Well, you can now! Add a touch of elegance to any room with these decorative, romantic, pressed flower frames. All you need is your frame of choice (antique is a nice touch) and your favorite blooms! Follow these simple flower pressing steps and you’ll be on your way! 

Pressed Flower Frames

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DIY Friday: 7 Home Decorations You Can Print!

If you’re like most homeowners, both the fun and challenge of home decorating is searching for just the right items to update or freshen the look of your home. Imagine what it would be like if you could create your own custom home decorations simply by pressing a button. Thanks to 3D printing technology, aka “additive manufacturing”, it’s now possible to design your own home decorations and bring them to life. What follows is a look at seven types of items you can create to accent your home, using a 3D printer and your own imagination.


Ceiling or Wall Hangings—When it comes to creating just the right ambiance for your favorite room, wall and ceiling hangings can go a long way. Using a variety of materials, you can create decorative 3D ceiling or wall hangings that will accentuate your room like no other.


Light Fixtures—Create stunning, unique, and intricate light fixtures using a 3D printer. Let natural shapes such as leaves and seashells inspire you or design your own original creations from scratch. A variety of materials such as nylons, metals, and resins can be used to make some truly amazing and eye-catching fixtures.


Decorative Furnishings—Looking for just the right chair to set off that living room corner? There are a number of open source digital designs you can use to print out the pieces of your perfect chair (some assembly required). Or you can design a chair of your own and test its practicality by printing out a miniature 3D model. Small stools, fancy chests, creative containers and more can now be made with 3D printing technology.


Picture Frames—You go out of your way to find just the right art for your home. With 3D printing technology, you can design your own beautiful picture frames and art holders to give paintings, prints, and pictures a whole new dimension.


Statues or Sculptures—With so many materials available for 3D printing, you can create your own unique statues, sculptures or other physical works of art for your mantels, shelves or table tops. Along with adding a unique touch to your home that is all your own, you’ll find that these amazing “one-offs” make fascinating conversation pieces. Photo courtesy Dror and .MGX by Materialise.


Vases, Planters and Faux Plants—Looking for the perfect holder for your plants or flowers? Create your own with a 3D printer. To take it a step further, 3D printing allows you to “grow” your own seasonal faux plants and flowers to put in your printer-produced vase. For those who enjoy growing plants outdoors, you can create hanging 3D printed planters for your greenery.


Candleholders and Centerpieces—Nothing completes the focus of a dining room table like the perfect centerpiece. And nothing sets off a mantle like the right pair of candleholders. With 3D printing technology you can create centerpieces and candleholders that your guests will long remember. And while you’re at it why not print out your own plates and flatware? All that and more are now possible with a 3D printer.

source: David Glenn, Dwell


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