Build Your Lawn’s Endurance

Give your lawn the strength that it needs to be beautiful for years to come. Here are some tips, compliments of our Columbus team.

Lawn Maintenance Tips from M/I Homes of Columbus. Tips for your new lawn. Proper watering, fertilizing and maintenance are vital to ensuring your new sod will endure long after installation.

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“Tip-Off” to Spring Maintenance

Have you been watching the clock and hoping for spring? Spring has FINALLY arrived along with the best few weeks of college basketball!

We don’t want you to be embarrassed by shooting an air ball with your home maintenance this year. Start playing offense and take advantage of these slam dunk tips to start the season off right.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing Spring maintenance tips that will get you off the bench (during time outs of course!) and into the game. Be sure to check back frequently as we reveal more tips.


Bonus!  We’ve gathered even more Spring Maintenance tips into a handy checklist that you can print & check off this Spring.


Print it now: Spring Maintenance Tips 2014

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