M/I Homes of Dallas Hosts Lakeside Living Open House

With nothing to hide, our Dallas / Fort Worth division showed off 6 amazing homes that are near completion this past weekend. Many builders choose to save their open houses until their homes are completely finished, and poised for their public appearance debut. However at M/I Homes we see a certain charm that comes from allowing guests to take a gander into the construction process, as thousands of pieces of the new home are pieced together to create your “home sweet home.”

We enjoyed seeing our guests walk through this incredibly tight knit community, giving a glimpse of what lakeside living can be at El Mirador at Mira Lagos. With homesites that back up to the core of engineering land preserves, homeowners have an exclusive proximity to Joe Pool Lake that is not found elsewhere in the Mira Lagos development. Everyone was able to get a chance to see what lakeside living is truly all about!

Those in attendance of this great event got to indulge in free tacos from So Cal Tacos after they completed the tour of homes (we definitely didn’t want to spill on the new floors!). It was a great event and a fantastic opportunity for M/I Homes to share with residents of Dallas Fort Worth area who we are, and what we are all about!

4 Ways To Add Spring To Your Home

Finally, some warmer weather is moving in!  Are you looking for ways to spruce up your home for spring?  Check out the blog by one of our M/I homeowners and owner of She Inspires and Inspired Events and Designs.  She shows you great ways to update your home for Spring!

4 Ways To Add Spring To Your Home

Spring time is one of my favorites, and I can’t wait for the warmer days to take over.

The change of seasons always makes for the perfect time to pull out pops of color in your home and declutter. Adding a little touch of Spring doesn’t have to be complicated, and it definitely doesn’t have to break the bank. You can always get creative with what you have or bring in some inexpensive pieces to give your home a simple refresh. Try starting with these four simple ways to add a little Spring to your home.

**Nycia Emerson is the founder and editor of She Inspires. She is also owner/wedding planner and designer at Inspired Events and Designs. She loves to inspire everyone around her and any chance she gets to  get creative brings her so much joy. She believes that living what you love and loving what you do, makes life much more peaceful.  She also believes that “Inspiration comes from the things that lift our spirits and allows us to love fully.”

Stepping into Spring: Spring Home Maintenance Tips!

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring (finally!).  If you’re like a lot of our homeowners, you’re probably wondering how you could be getting your home prepared for Spring?

Here is a quick list of recommendations that we have compiled to check off your list as you prepare your home for Spring!


Home Maintenance Tips:

1.  Replace smoke and fire alarm batteries, as well as carbon monoxide batteries

2.  Reinstall the freeze plug on your sump pump

3.  Inspect and touch-up interior and exterior paint.  Caulk to keep your home looking fresh and prevent any uninvited water intrusion

4.  Check drainage around the exterior of your home to ensure runoff of water

5.  Inspect your homes foundation for any water penetration

6.  Oil garage door(s)

7.  Check drain and flush the hot water tank to prevent any sediment from building up in the tank

8.  Maintain 3′ between your foundation of your home and tree shrubs, bushes, etc.

9.  Clean and adjust the humidifier on your furnace

10.  Inspect your A/C unit to ensure it is clean from any debris.  If needed – have someone come out to clean and service your unit.

11.  Check your hose faucets outside for any freeze damage.

12.  Fertilize your lawn to get it ready for the Spring and Summer seasons

13.  Clean out your gutters to ensure proper drainage

14.  Clean and repair your window screens to allow you to keep windows open in the Spring and Summer

15.  Clean decks, fences, driveways and any other outdoor surfaces from debris.  Use a power washer to make this job easier

These are just some recommendations that we have collected throughout the years!  Please feel free to share any suggestions that you have with us as well!


5 Sweet and Subtle Floral Décor Ideas

M/I Homes Indianapolis offers families and individuals alike plenty of space to decorate and add a personal touch to their homes. With warmer temperatures lately, we’ve been inspired to incorporate florals into our home! Here are some ideas to add florals into your home this spring.

1.    The Real Thing: Love to garden and want to bring your green thumb indoors? Bring in your freshest blooms and add a special vase with your touch of style to the center of your dining room or kitchen table. Choose from an array of affordable and chic vases available at Target. Refresh your floral choice for the changing seasons. 

Flower Vase

2.    DIY Magnetic Flowers: Add a lovely touch of spring to your solid-toned tablecloths, kitchen curtains or living room lampshade with these sewn-on accents. The blooms can be changed according to the season, and are a simple, fun project! All you need is fabric flowers, glue, mini magnets and a little bit of craftiness! Check out further instructions on the project.

Magnetic Flowers

3.    Painted Floral Headboard: Bring some pizzazz and fun into your bedroom (or a child’s room) by simply upgrading a plain wooden headboard with paint. First, sand all surfaces and coat with a water-base sealer. Then, using a household trim brush, base-coat the entire headboard with white satin paint. Next, apply a stripe-and-dot border. Finally, for the flowers download a pattern of your choice or this pattern, transfer onto the headboard, and paint!

Painted Floral Headboard

4.    Floral Wallpaper Lampshade: We really love this idea for a touch of floral that isn’t overwhelming. Transform your plain lampshade into a beautiful one with a few easy steps. Just grab your lampshade, favorite floral wallpaper and wallpaper paste. Follow these five simple steps and you will have a splash of floral in your room of choice in no time!

Wall Paper Lampshade

5.    Pressed Flower Frames:  Wouldn’t it be nice to cherish the spring and summer flowers you love all year long? Well, you can now! Add a touch of elegance to any room with these decorative, romantic, pressed flower frames. All you need is your frame of choice (antique is a nice touch) and your favorite blooms! Follow these simple flower pressing steps and you’ll be on your way! 

Pressed Flower Frames

For more information on M/I Homes, visit our website.

Hospitality 101: Guide to Hosting an Outdoor Party

Awesome post from Kaufman Blog…we had to share! 



Hosting comes naturally to some. To others, that balance of creating an enjoyable evening for friends while enjoying the evening yourself is a struggle. I have a couple tips help you attempt both!

1. SIZE: Think about the size of space you will have. Fill it, but don’t over fill it. Keep your group manageable.

• Cost: You want to treat your guests well without over extending yourself financially.
• Time: Consider how much time you want to visit with each guest.
• Preparation: What can you realistically manage preparing for number of people invited?

2. MUSIC: Hosting a brunch for your girlfriends will require a much different playlist than a paella party in the back yard. It’s important to create an experience using all senses.

3. FOOD ( + food allergies ): Food allergies are becoming more widely accepted. If restaurants are adjusting, so should a good host. If you don’t already know, reach out to your guests individually. Be prepared to create a meal that is appropriate for all types of allergies.

4. ENVIRONMENT: Are you hoping for easy conversation? An easy barbecue and eating under the open sky might be your best option. If you are inviting a mixed group and hoping for new relationships to be made, consider hors d’oeuvres and drinks in different rooms, forcing people to walk around.

5. PLAN: Good planning relieves stress. What can be made ahead of time, the day before up to the hour before. Cleaning the house ahead of time and pulling out your dishes the night before can help avoid last minute stress.

*Bonus // If your guests offer to bring something, graciously accept. A good host can do it all, but a gracious host invites people to be a part of the experience.

{ Recreate this Grilled Paella Party }

1. SIZE: This recipe feeds six, invite accordingly

Cost varies based on cost of seafood, but plan for around $60.

TIME: prep time 20 minutes / cook time 35 minutes
Preparation: All ingredients can be measured and chopped ahead of time.
Set each ingredient in a different bowl so it’s easy to pour.

2. MUSIC: Think hot summer, Motown or even something with a spanish feel to go along with the dish.

3. FOOD: Make sure guests don’t have a seafood allergy, you can always switch out seafood for chicken or veggies (recipe here).

4. ENVIRONMENT: This party is best in the backyard around the grill. The cook can easily participate in conversation while manning the grill, drink in hand.

5. PLAN: Shop, clean and pull dishes the night before. You will only need to set aside time to prepare ingredients the day of.

6. ENJOY! Enjoy your company, the weather and the amazing food you’ve prepared!

Ginger & Birch is a collaboration between Aaron & Ashley Wilcox. By day, Aaron is a surgery resident and Ashley is a graphic designer. They share a love for hosting people in their home and cooking good food. They believe sharing meals creates authentic community and gives a chance for real conversation to be had.


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