INDY: Summer Farmer’s Markets

With summer in full swing, it’s that time when people are eager to get outside. And what better way to do that than to take your grocery shopping outdoors? Whether it’s live entertainment, fresh produce, or home-style cooked meals, farmer’s markets provide an enjoyable experience for anyone. And since M/I Homes Indianapolis builds communities in premier locations, it’s not surprising that you might have a farmer’s market near you! Check out which market is closest to your house.
Broad Ripple Farmer’s Market
Enjoy a perfect Saturday morning at the Broad Ripple Farmer’s Market located in the middle of the Broad Ripple village. With only a 15 minute drive from Crystal Lake community, homeowners can pick up some beautiful strawberries or devour a slice of rhubarb pie while enjoying a little live entertainment.  Open each Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to noon, rain or shine.

Broad Ripple

Zionsville Farmer’s Market
Right in the heart of Historic Village, this market offers a colorful variety of breads, pastries and chesses in all shapes and sizes. If you live in the Maple Grove or The Sanctuary community, you’re in luck—it’s less than a ten minute drive! While you’re there, pick up a jar of gourmet peanut butter or a couple ears of locally-grown sweet corn. Open every Saturday morning from 8:00 -11:00 a.m.


Indianapolis Farmer’s Market
Need the perfect healthy side dish for your summer barbecue this weekend? Then head to the Indianapolis Farmer’s Market!  Fill your basket with good-tasting, healthy foods while enjoying the lively atmosphere of downtown Indy. From ripe fruits to unique spices and herbs, you can find in-season fresh foods that have been picked at their peak. No matter the distance from your M/I home, this farmer’s market is located right on Market Street. Open from 9:30-1:30 p.m. every Wednesday.


Greenwood Farmer’s Market
Take an afternoon trip to the Greenwood Family Market located in the Greenwood United Methodist Church parking lot. From farm-raised beef to warm baked goods, artisan handmade craft items and beautiful flowers are also up for grabs. A short drive for anyone living in our Greenwood communities of Hickory Stick or Wakefield West, this farmer’s market is open on Wednesdays from 2:30 to 6:00 and Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. until noon.


#DIYFriday: Boost your lawn this weekend

1. Rough up the current ground cover. The roots from the sod need to make contact with dirt, so use a rototiller or similar tool to expose the soil beneath.

2. Add some lime. Lime promotes lawn health by providing nutrients and improving soil structure. Because lime is absorbed slowly, add it prior to the sod.

3. Fill in the gaps. After fitting the sod pieces closely together, cutting and trimming as needed, fill in the joints with a mixture of soil and grass seed.

4. Compact and water. Compact the sod using a roller—or by driving over the installation with a pickup truck! Water for 20 minutes in the early morning (before the sun gets too high) and 20 minutes in the evening (after the sun has set).

A month later, the sod we would have sent to some refuse center is living on and looking great.  Both we and our neighbors couldn’t be happier about that.

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source: Bob Vila

Bring the Indianapolis 500 to your M/I Home

The Indianapolis 500 is like Christmas in May for those IndyCar enthusiasts. The people, food and open-wheel racing drama makes this day a loved tradition for Indy natives plus millions worldwide. While it is a spectacular event to attend, Many Hoosiers will get in on the race action by watching from home with friends and family. We’ve gathered some creative ideas to celebrate the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing” from the comfortable confines of your M/I Home.

1. Race Car Ticket Invitation – Invite your family and friends to your Indy 500-themed party with these crafty race car tickets! Create DIY invitations using checkered flag and bar code images to mirror the Indy 500 experience.


2. Flag Cone Popcorn – Easy, yet fun! Purchase inexpensive checkered flag paper from your local crafts store, and roll them around to shape like a cone. Use them for any food item you wish, but who doesn’t love popcorn?


3. IndyCars Treats – Want to make a simple, sweet treat that both children and adults will enjoy? To make these desserts, use Little Debbie’s Swiss Roll Cakes for the body of the car, and put pretzel sticks with marshmallows in the mini cakes for the tires. Baking isn’t necessary, plus these won’t melt in your air-conditioned M/I homes!


4. Antifreeze and Motor Oil Beverages – If you’re looking for a creative way to display your beverages, pour your water, punch and sparkling soda into serving glasses labeled with “Antifreeze” and “Motor Oil.” Just make sure to clearly indicate what the drink really is so that guests aren’t confused!


5. Toilet Paper Race Cars – Set these adorable race cars around your M/I Home to give your guests something to rave about. Be sure to save your empty toilet paper rolls to have plenty of decorative cars.


If interested, customize these projects to create your own pizzazz. Using these Indy 500-themed ideas will add style to your party celebrating the world’s largest single-day spectator sporting event. Have fun with family and friends in your M/I Home this weekend!



DIY Friday: Five Easy DIY Office Upgrades You Can Accomplish in a Weekend

Remember how getting a new backpack or Trapper Keeper in grade school helped you get excited for going back to school? It’s the same feeling we get when we repaint a room in our home or rearrange furniture — change is invigorating.

That concept can also lead to more productivity. Just as a new desk with built-in storage can clear away clutter and help you to focus, improving your workspace can motivate both you and employees to tackle every job with a bit of extra enthusiasm.

Winter can be a great time to devote a weekend to projects around the office you’ve been putting off, while you’re less likely to be outside on the weekends when it’s cold. Putting in some time now to tackle that paint job or floor refinishing you’ve been thinking about will carry over into spring, making it easier and more enjoyable to be indoors at the office even when the weather improves.

A small time commitment can make a big difference in your office atmosphere. Here are five quick and easy projects you can tackle in a weekend:

Buff Your floors. Years of chairs and tables scratching their way across your floor can leave the surface you walk on an ugly mess. Buffing brings back the shine and can open up the room and make it feel new again. Start by mopping the floor to remove dust, before using a rented buffing machine in a concentric pattern around the room, overlapping each band by a few inches (like mowing a lawn). Don’t forget to periodically check your buffing pad and change it if it wears out.

Clean Your carpets. It’s smart to shampoo carpet every year or so, pulling out stains and gunk that the vacuum can’t quite tackle. You’ll also remove any odors hanging on by threads, literally. Vacuum your carpet first, and then use carpet shampoo in a carpet cleaner, thoroughly covering the room. Allow 24 hours for the carpet to dry.

Liven up the walls. A new coat of paint can bring new life to a room. Knock out the project quickly with an airless paint sprayer. Just remove or cover all your furniture along with the floor and windows and get to work. Use paintbrushes for baseboards and trim, and ensure that you choose a paint that works with a paint sprayer and that you have the correct spray tip for the type of paint you’re using.

Redo your entryway. A little tile goes a long way in creating an inviting passage into a room, building, or bathroom. Sketch out your design on graph paper to keep track of your square footage needs; then measure your tile and use a tile saw to cut pro-looking angles and lines.

Spray down your exterior. Although you may want to wait for a weekend that’s not literally freezing outside, pressure washing your building’s exterior is a relatively easy and fun job. For laminate and wood siding, a 2,000 PSI pressure washer is sufficient, but for concrete or metal you’ll want a 3,500 PSI machine.

From sprucing up your floors to adding color to your surroundings, it’s well worth taking a weekend to re-inspire your office space and yourself.

Source: Chris Long is a store associate at a Chicago-area Home Depot. Chris writes truck rental tips, steam cleaner rental tips and a variety of other equipment tool rental topics.


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